PC shuts down!

Hi guys … I have problem … Every time I fly the 747 or fly over New York, the PC shuts down! Is anyone having the same problem? Thanks for the replies

If your PC is shutting down, look in your Event Viewer to see if there are messages like temp warnings etc.

Is it just shutting down, or is there the BSOD error screen? If it’s just shutting down, I’d bet it’s your CPU’s thermal protection kicking in. IDK what case/fans/etc you have so I can’t say what to do, but I bet first thing would be clean it out real good, especially the CPU cooler. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Its a issue with your system. Check you’re temperatures and drivers. Most likely need more ventilation or lowering settings.

seems to be overheat issue for me too, does other games have same “fate” ?

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I think MSFS works your PC harder than most games. My PC has real good airflow cuz we built it for graphics rendering originally, which also works it hard. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

As above but I also found i had a faulty ram unit could run for hrs then down it would go.

I changed the thermal paste in July, I have liquid dissipation … And the CPU temperatures don’t go above 60 ° C … I don’t understand … the PC is super clean and has great air Flow … Only gives me problems with flight simulator …

Nop… Only FSM!

Maybe get something like HWiNFO64 and have it running in logging mode to look at the temp on all the cores individually; one might still be spiking. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

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Maybe check the power supply ?

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Oh yeah, that’s also a really good idea! :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

So if its not your CPU then check the GPU and maybe the PSU.Is there enough power going to the GPU?

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I would bet this is caused by a faulty PSU, this kind of behavior usually points to a failing PSU.


High temps causing resets are not happening on CPU only. Also on chipset, VRM etc. Also PSU is possible culprit. I can say for sure just one thing: It’s not MFS fault.

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I try to change the Psu

For me it was my overclock. I had to change things slightly from the way it was set for XPlane. It could also be your power supply.

The problem occurs only with FSM 2020 … With the rest of the games it works perfectly … No problem !!!

If the problem occurs in fs2020 only it might be a clear indication its using more hardware power than the rest of your games.It would be great if we knew what PSU brand you’re using and the power rating.


The PSU is a mars gaming 750W, 32GB ram at 3200mhz, ryzen 7 2700x processor and rtx 2080Ti graphic card …