PC - Sim Update 8 - Stutter with addons

If your reply was to myself, This fix found me on this forum and you’re very welcome :slight_smile: . @f14billy urged me to try this, as it had been reported working by, I believe, every user that tried. The thread is here, where I was asked if I could post my findings as many others tried and had successes in this thread.
EDIT: This has been an absolute SIM changer for me. It’s almost as good as It used to be, performance wise.

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I wish you made a video while turning during taxi. Also flying with an airliner. Have you tried them?

I wonder if it’ll help with making VR very smooth as well

Turning during taxi is much better also. I don’t have a video. The airliner of choice for me is the CRJ. It also performs, way, way, better. No, I don’t have a video. But will make one when I next have chance. I’m not going to get Terrain LOD 6.00 in the CRJ in the most major of cities, largest/busiest airports but like I said, much better. I have a reverb g2 but haven’t used it in quite some time. Once Stutters took over I gave up on it. I’d imagine it’s working better as well.

Ok thanks. That’s good to hear

how can i Remove all Photgrammetry from World Updates?

Sorry. Might be a silly question but how do you turn LOD and TLOD to 5 and 6 as they only go up to 400

You can only make these entries in the Usercfg file. As I am a STEAM user it is inside the PC user folder. as below:

Press (windows key + R): insert what is inside the quotes “%AppData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator” (without the quotes). This command should go straight to the file location. then just change the lines I indicated below with *****

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Thanks will try this


It is very detailed in this thread. You have to go to your content manager, and at the first WU you see, click the 3 dots at the rightmost edge to expand World updates. then put photo as a search and you will see all photogrammetry. Even uninstall the GOTY photogrammetry

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Here is a link to the specific instructions:

Thanks @f14billy

Hello, I tried for me it’s much worst that with 1.0 and 1.0.

RTX 3070, Ryzen 9 3900x, 32 GB ram.

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I found out how to soften the scenery scrolling in the flight !

Bios → Advanced → AMD CBS → DF common Options → Memory Addressing

Memory interleaving size

For my system the smooth setting is 256 Byte, you can feel this change. It can be in other systems a different size is better, you have to try it. 256, 512, 1kb, 2kb.

I am not sure if this plays in combination with SAM enabled, i have it enabled.

What improvements are involved in making these changes?

As said it smoothens the scenery scrolling. Before, while flying it looked like micro-stutter, it smoothed this effect.

ok, i will try later when i finish my current flight

I am getting tons of CTD’s since installing Perfect Flight Beautiful World. I start it and it runs good, until I open VR Map plug-in or RTSS, then immediate CTD. VERY frustrating.

(Also, regarding VR Map (plug-in) v0.0.7, suddenly the Open Street Map no longer works, only the Stamen Terrain - fixed it per their forum corrective download.)

The only way to keep it from happening is to not open RTSS or VR Map plug-in …
Also, last few days, drastic drop in starting FPS (to 10-20) in this add-on, with massive stutters, then seems to smoothen out. Have to compare to standard scenery …

Okay, I have had a similar problem and have just discovered that when I move the mouse in the simulator screen, the problem goes away. Really weird. The problem comes back after about 30 sec with no mouse movement. I have changed the mouse but it didn’t fix the problem. This manifested itself after SU8.

So… is this gone with SU9?

No, it’s even worse - about 30% FPS loss and Stuttersr are same