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Hi there. Forgive me as I don’t fully understand the technical side of the sim. I have an i7 7700k and a GTX 1080 with 16GB Ram and Quest 1. I’m looking to upgrade a component to assist with making VR run smoother. I’m looking at the 5800X and 10900k, (with associated mobo and cooler) and maybe sometime in the future when supply is better for GPUs, a 3080.

At KATL in the WT CJ4 in 2D Mode, I’m limited by the Main Thread with about 45FPS (High preset 1440p). In cruise, I’m limited by the GPU mostly (flickers between that and main thread rapidly) with about 45 FPS in 2D mode. In VR with the low preset, I’m limited by the RDR thread. My question is, am I looking at a more CPU or GPU upgrade to see the most noticeable improvement in VR, or if you had the choice, which component will you upgrade first .


I also just got into VR for flight sim and in short its a beast I’m running at mostly medium settings and average 30fps which is fine in my case.

I would upgrade to 32GB of ram and any graphics card that has more than 8GB of VRAM (If you can actually find it on the store shelves). I’ve found that each VR session I averaged at 15GB of VRAM usage (on a Radeon 6800) and about 20-25GB of system RAM usage. I was asking earlier about vram usage in another thread and someone else with a 3090 said they get about 16-20GB of vram usage so it seems to be both on the Nvidia and AMD side (If working with a HP Reverb G2. Not sure about the quest 1)

Seen lots of folks saying the 10900k is good choice but I cant comment on that since im on a Ryzen 9 3900x which works just fine although I want to swap that out for the 5900x as it offers better frequencies.

Which one would I pick to upgrade first? If you can manage it go all three CPU/GPU/RAM otherwise you may just be swapping out one limitation to introduce another. Oh and if you haven’t already move FS2020 onto a fast NVME drive.

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FS2020 is certainly more CPU limited, however at large resolutions for VR you would be better off with a powerful GPU. Though, you do need a proper CPU to feed the GPU, especially when the GPU is too powerful in relation to the CPU. Get it balanced.

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Very useful information, thanks so much appreciate it

Understood, thanks for the help

Which headset you use is important-there are compatibility issues with The reverb G2 and AMD motherboards-also go for the GPU with the highest VRAM you can afford -my 3070’s 8GB was inadequate.

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