#PC Will not load Since UP5


to be sure I have to ask: you came now into the game and you have new situation that the game freeze while “go into the flight” , or do I missunderstood you former and you already not spoke about a freeze while loading the game ?

Its a different situation “freeze or ctd while loading the game” vs. “freeze or ctd while going into the flight”, therefore we need to be sure :slight_smile:

CDT Loading


This was another test, because my problem occurs when I click on fly now, when loading the simulator it blocks (and in the task manager it is “not responding”) at 80%. In this test I tried going offline (without the ethernet cable connected to the pc) and I think it was safe mode or something else because fs2020 loaded on the runway without crashing or freezing (it connected with a c152 and not when choosing another plane only was in this cessna, could be offline maybe). So I found it strange, in online mode it doesn’t work, but in offline mode I can do the loading, how strange this is. I still thought it might be a server bug or even bing data. It could be a lot of things right now. Best regards.

If you have your caches on an external drive make sure it’s ntfs and that it can’t power itself down

yes… therefore my question… Seems we have a kind of “does’nt works online” topic.

Some users reported it in different topics, and so far I know it was, as mentioned, mostly an account thing. Example: Ucrtbase.dll // need help / work offline but not online - #9 by MichaMMA But there are also some other topics about, may be you find also other solutions.

You are not alone in this. There are many (me included) in almost the same position as you and with the same school of thoughts…and feel really let down.

Like you, we expected the product to work, and had many hopes on it. We are unfortunate that “we” are affected and there does not seem to be a fix…at least I can’t see it happening soon.

I feel for you, as I too am going through what you have experienced. I feel like a punished kid, when all the others are playing outside and having a great time, but I’m grounded. But here “we’re” not the ones at fault!

We bought the product after we made sure that our PC was capable of handling FS2020. For me FS2020 worked like a dream for 07 months, and then just stopped after Update 5 on 27th JUL. I cannot forget that date, as that is the day I lost my Sim…for no fault of mine.

So what have Zendesk advised because they have information on every crash you have suffered? I am not being funny but when I jumped in to assist you thanked me very nicely but then didn’t exactly seem bothered saying you will just wait for the sim to fix itself … yet here you are being vocal at every opportunity, so much so that lately I’ve been suspecting a troll.

Yes! I really appreciated the assistance from many of you, as you guys know a lot more than me on systems. I even went to Zendesk, and they just repeated the stuff that was already suggested…which was looked into but no change!

Yes! I got fed up and stated that I’d wait this out.

But you know what? If you get addicted to something and don’t get it, you crave for it, especially when you can see it’s available for many. That’s when the frustration comes in and then you see that there are “many” who were also affected with the same issues from the same date (27th JUL). Thats when you want to show support.

I keep coming back to this forum as I secretly hope someone has found a 100% solution, which would get the sim running again…after which I really will not have the time to spend here.

Till that happens, I will support others who are facing the same issues so that at MS and ASOBO hear us…the ones who had no issues till 27th JUL.

A “troll” is a person who intentionally leaves annoying or offensive messages. I am only stating facts, on the product not working after changes were made by the developers, and not the users. You can see the common statements and similar issues. I’m also expressing hope that they get it fixed.

This is all because I love this game man, and I, like many want it to work.

Once again, I really appreciate your assitance and the others, but it’s been 72 days since I flew on FS2020…how would you react if you couldn’t even get to the fly stage one fine day, especially when you flew a minimum of 20 hours a week, all over the globe since DEC 2020? It’s tough man…

Well folks! Just saw the YouTube from “SimHanger Flight Simulation” where there are clips of the Q & A with MS on the future developments etc.

Jorg Newmann (Head of MSFS) stated that after World Upfate 7, they would stop and concentrate only on fixing the bugs which would be the aim for World Update 8…expected in 2022. Just saying that gives us hope…and at least I feel that maybe not now, but at least in 2022 we would be able to use the Sim the way we did before it crashed on us.

That is good news…at least we know that they know!

A troll is usually someone who sets up an account for disparaging purposes but not necessarily offensive and yes I think this sim has a few.

Yes there must be some as you say…

But for me it’s very clear. This isn’t right and it could have been done better, in all fairness. It’s the principle that counts, but then those values are long gone.