PDMG DC6 and the Bravo Throttle?

As the title says just got the DC6 - and wondering how everyone is setting up there bravo throttles? - already struggling assigning anything to do with mixtures and guessing you can assign prop pitch to a lever - but how would you get the prop reverser to work?

thanks for the reply(just saw you withdrew it though!).
1)presume there is no spoiler/speedbrakes and thats where you get the extra axis from?
2)for rpm guess you mean the mixture - which axis exactly are u assigning it to? note I just tried the mixture axis (to move all 4) and the mixture levers in the cockpit do not seem to move?
3)for prop assume you assign an axis for this? then you assign a reverser button on each throttle?

I don’t have the bravo but 2 saitek TQ, so also 6 axes. Setup is the same in that regard.

I have 1 as propeller axis as the real bird also has 1 master propeller axis
Then 2 till 5 are individual throttle axis
6 is flaps axis

I don’t use mixture in this bird since all you have to do is a click from time to time from auto-lean to auto-rich and back

And then I have some keys assigned to water rudder, parking brake and gear up / gear down

thanks for the reply.
will give the layout a try…
presuming you are assigning some kind of reverser for each throttle(if yes what were you assigning to it)? and also wasn’t able to find any kind of spoiler/speedbrakes that require an axis?

exactly this,

1 axis for propeller
4 axis for throttle
1 axis for flaps
(no axis for mixture)

And I’ve heard the reverser bar is binded to water rudder so will try to add this to my config.

I think you don’t have to set the reversers for each axis but I may be wrong. The rudder bar is what you need for this so you could bind it to throttle axis 1 down position button or like someone else mentioned in another post, use the red button on the axis 1.

I will try to test and come back with an answer later :slight_smile:

Water rudder is indeed reverser. Its 1 function for all props.
And there is no spoiler on this bird. Everything is done by drag. Watch the videos on PMDG channel on YT if you havent. But it involves a lot with flaps :slight_smile:

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thats the setup I went for…
so to be clear the prop reverser (bar) has been assigned to the water rudder?! - I do have the airbus levers so I might just assign (the water rudder button) to the red TOGA button…
I am sure I read someone else assigning the prop to the -100-+100 axis and getting the reverser function to work - but noting the comment about the water rudder don’t think this can work…!

note your comments - so by assigning my TOGA to the water rudder I can get reverser to work…is this a simple on and off or is it linked to the position of your throttle levers?

yes that will work!
it only comes on when you have throttles on full idle, and deactivates the moment 1 throttle reaches idle after reverse. Best way to work the throttles with reverser is as follow:

  • throttle idle
  • activate reverse
  • throttles forward 1/3 for reverse
  • throttles idle to deactivate
  • throttle little bit forward to make sure all are off
  • back to idle

ok will give it a try - so for my bravo assume idle is just 0% i.e. just on the reverser indent for jets?

i would think so yes!

I am hoping someone can tell me the appropriate label for the Propeller setting for the Bravo Quadrant. I tried Propeller Axis and Propeller Pitch Increase/Decrease, but it does not appear to make any visible changes in the cockpit with the Propeller Pitch handle.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Have a great evening.

On my Bravo throttle quadrant I have made a dedicated setup for the DC-6.
With the general aviation throttles, I use the left (black) throttle lever to operate the prop pitch lever and assigned it to “PROPELLER AXIS”. Works fine with me. The right black throttle lever is unused in my setup.
The blue prop levers and the red mixture levers are used for the engine throttles in the DC-6 for engines 1-2-3-4 respectively.
Also use the red go-around button to toggle the reversers and move the 4 throttles to apply reverse thrust. For this I had to assign it to TOGGLE WATER RUDDER.
Would have preferred to be able to move the throttles all the way back past the detent to operate the prop reversers.
Hope this helps.

Hey Super275327,

Thanks a lot for your quick response. Your setup sounds very logical. I’m pretty sure I tried using the Propeller Axis setting, but it didn’t move the Propeller Pitch lever in the cockpit. I’ll have to try that one again.

Thanks again for your help. I hope you have a great upcoming weekend.