Pegasus Bridge/New D-Day C-47 and Horsa Addon?

Now that we have the excellent new C-47 Skytrain and Horsa glider addon from the Marketplace, I have become interested in recreating the British attack on Pegasus Bridge on the night prior to the D-Day invasion. I have found lots of history type articles, but no actual details of the flight-plan used by the transports and the gliders. Does anyone know of a source for such information? (Departure, route, course of the gliders after release, etc.) Any data would be much appreciated! Thanks a lot…

Its an american waco rather than a British Horsa, which was quite a bit bigger. Look for books on the glider regiment and pegasus…I saw an excerpt, something like “fly straight 1 minute, turn 90 right, straight 1 minute, 90 right look for the landing field ahead”. Had to be pretty simple, trust the c47 pilots navigation, glides like a brick, its dark, trees will kill, brave men!

Hi @Grover2005 - you could try the Imperial War Museum’s online collection: IWM Collections | Imperial War Museums
No idea if they have any digitized data on the Pegasus Bridge. If you happen to like in the UK, you could visit them.