People are Upset, MS/Asobo needs to address this

Hi all,

Thank you for the feedback about open and honest communication. Is is the goal of the entire team to be open and have frank conversations with the community. This is why we have monthly live Developer Q&As, for Jorg, Seb, and Martial to sit and chat with the community about the questions you have.

It has been unfortunate that there was no Dev Q&A in July due to timing and this past one, slated for Wednesday, is now postponed due to reasons outside of our control. The team is very anxious to also meet live in order to talk about all the sentiment and updates that have happened since then. We are looking for the the next date available to the four of us to get this Q&A scheduled.

I do not think it is fair to say there has been no communication since July, however. We provide weekly updates, and here in the forums respond and comment as much as possible on emerging issues and bugs. We are working on more and more ways to improve transparency that I’m excited to implement soon, and we now have a full community team to help in all areas of communication (socials, discord, forums, etc.).

I am quick to realize and admit there are certainly many bugs for the team to tackle, and some even since launch day that haven’t been solved. I’ve started to go through some of the older bugs to get updates for you, and @OlieTsubasa443 and I will have more time specifically to work on this now.

Thank you again for your comments. Since this has been addressed, I’ll be closing it out.