People not respecting rules on VATSIM/IVAO in fs2020

I swear to god this stresses me out…

Today I was flying from Vostok Skiway (ICAO: AT28) and there was this fat guy with a red suit flying around yelling on the microphone he had airway clearance worldwide and annoyingly shouting HOHOHO.

He was also doing like 450kts at 3000, is this the new hot air balloon of fs2020? Is this a bug? Asobo should be responsible for banning fellas with this kind of behaviour…

I managed to take this picture of the user, we almost had a mid-air collision, I will make sure to report him to the network.

Merry Christmas


One of the reasons I will never fly online

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Merry Christmas! :smiley:

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Don’t let that deter you. VATSIM flying is great fun, challenging and adds an immense sense of realism that adds to the magnificent scenery and weather this sim offers. Try it in VR and man… You are there. The only thing missing is the fat paycheck…

I don’t know if you have realized he was probably joking since the whole thread was meant as a christmas joke xD

Well… you do meet a few crazies online so… ok.joke is on me…

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