People still running SU4

Are there any? If you are out there, does it work by starting MSFS with the internet off and then turning the internet back on once MSFS has started or in flight?

I will have SU4 too!
Better than this ugly SU5!

I really don’t think that this will work. Why not? Because MSFS2020 also has a server side, you know that’s where they store the world.
No, between versions the way they store the world can and undoubtedly will be different. Ao when you run SU4 and the sim wants to fetch some world object, the server side may not be able to find this object, because it is coded differently. So this might lead to crashes, or holes in the scenery at best.
Asobo doesn’t support backward compatibility if scenery.
Hope this helps!

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Ah yes I understand this and it could be. However I was asking if someone is actually using it like I asked and if it works.

Thanks for your reply though.

As @GhostlyFrend says, it doesnt work that way and we are all synchronized on the same version. Here’s a much better explanation than I could do and lots of discussion of the same issue on another thread:

This topic is getting beyond boring now. Su4 is gone.

leave it go.


I was just wondering if someone has been able to use it the way I asked.
Hopefully someone will be able to answer from actual experience.

I’m sorry you find this boring, there are many other topics in this forum you can browse that you may find interesting.



Actually, This guy explains how he does it:

and @nandokitty know that already

I can’t better say it as:

PS:: I also wonder why a duplicated topic is created…
the same also here:

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It is not boring, there is a whole thread on virtualisation just waiting to be unleashed - let me start: does Asobo use Hyper-V at any stage in the development cycle?

I still have SU3 on a different ssd. But to enter offline mode I’d need to pass the welcome screen, which in return means…I won’t be able to bypass the updater, and that’s by design. Should I magically bypass that, there would be no online play ability. Time to face reality and deal with the new system, I fear…On a positive note: once the new system is optimized, it could be even better than SU4.


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