Per aircraft control settings

Allow us to save control settings per aircraft! Setting up controls for a Cub, or a C172 is not the same as setting controls up for a TBM or an Airbus or a 737. Today I can’t use my HOTAS for stick and rudder and my Yoke for the aircraft that have yokes without having to reassign my buttons for what is sensible to have set up between the different aircraft. At the moment same controls even cancel each other out so I have to disconnect the x52 to use my Yoke or my Warthog which makes it hard to mix controller setups.

I want to be able to use my Honeycomb yooke with the throttle of my x52 and the levers on my logitech TQ or the buttons on my warthog. Per aircraft settings will mend all of this.

That’s already there. Just build a profile for whatever aircraft/control combo you need. Just make sure you name it right, and have a backup (though I suppose you could start from the default if you mess it up too much), and you’re golden.

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I must be stupid =) I’ll have to check that.

There is a wish to automatically switch profiles based on the selected aircraft:

Thank you!

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