Perfect flight ryanair missions

Just want some opinions on this i know they don’t use the a320 but the interior looks great also instresting because it says flight announcements etc but can also use other liverys

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these missions are nothing but a serious rip off. there is no user manual or charts at all. it is bugged or just doesnt do anything or work. i flew from stansted to im not even sure where at 7000 ft all the way …why i dont know. it doesnt give you any information or charts so i had no clue at where or what altitude the gs was & as a result it wasnt even there at all & atc told me to go around but i just quit at that point. some of the switches in the a320 dont work either when they work in everytihng else, the main one being the avail light for the apu starter i thinkn its called? theres no announcements, you get one announcement as your taking off or about to as atc is talking so dont have a clue what the announcement was, also it said to set speed at 250 so i did & atc told me to climb to 7000 initially but it wouldnt climb & whereas clicking the middle mouse button usually engages the altitude mode not on this it doesnt, honestly it was the messiest thing ive ever done on a console . it was confusing & put me off & i want a refund

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I learned the hard way back in FSX days - stay away from anything “developed” by perfect flight. They are a disaster.

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Does anyone find:
1- that the aircraft are positioned wrong on the gates

2- that one of the flight plans is impossible to do properly due to no access to ATC

3- that there is no access to assistance options

4- that you have to request altitude increases to reach cruise altitude instead of ATC telling you.

5- that the customised registration appears above the original registration on the livery.

6- Perfect Flight have done a pish poor job and should be rebranded as Perfect Sh@#e

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I wish I had read this forum before purchasing this. I’m doing the first mission to Copenhagen, however I can’t even get by the first part. I don’t know how to turn the electrical systems on. Can anyone help?

Thank you

Finally got that, but now can’t get the engines to work. What a waste of money this is.

Wish I had seen this thread before. But anyway I did buy the new Wiz one as the description says I can use any plane in my own fleet to fly the missions, by I see no way to change the stock Asobo A321? I wanted to use the Fenix A320. Then again if these missions are all bugged out maybe its not worth my time. Neofly and A Pilot’s Life are both pretty good. Guess i’ll stick with those.