Perfecting my landing technique on the A320 neo with just the keyboard

OK call me lazy if you want but I fly the sim on a laptop and detest getting the joystick out just to land. After spending the last 3 days practicing ILS landings in the default neo I think I have it down to a smooth landing every time. No hard or bumpy landings. Get yourself configured for landing, full flaps, AP on, ILS on, approach on and autothrottle on, spoilers armed, autobrake on etc. and on the glide slope. I’ve been practicing this at 50 percent fuel (I know too much for landing) but basically set your speed according to the VLS on the MCDU which will change depending on your fuel load. At 50 percent it is 140. So set your speed at selective 140. On your approach once you get to 100ft turn the AP off. At 50 ft two quick taps of the 2 key will get you your flare and retard when they tell you, usually 10 to 20 ft. Once the rear wheels hit hold the 8 key until the front wheels touch and and hit your thrust reversers. Use your rudders as needed. Smooth landing every time. Haven’t tried this out on RNAV landings yet but I’m sure it’s the same. The elevators on the keyboard are touchy thats why you just need to do 2 quick taps on the 2 key to get your flare. Hope this helps anyone flying with just the keyboard.

That’s a very awkward method of trying to land the A320.
Why don’t you simply switch to the FBW A320 and let the aircraft perform a realistic autoland?

Why is 50% fuel too much? The only important item is that you should stay below max landing weight.

I was always curious about fuel. How much fuel do pilots usually have when they land? I don’t care for the fbw. And you have to leave something for me to do haha.

How are your landings with small prop aircrafts?
Landing for me as a keyboard user is OK, but after that i’m all over the runways just tapping the rudder keys just ones or twice… will open a topic for that soon, because i am mastering takeoff more or less, but landing and stopping is just a pain as a keyboard player

I don’t fly small props. Yeah the keyboard is too touchy to do manual flying. I was just looking for a consistent landing with the neo.

at 100ft i can make a smooth landing with the neo, it’s not so sensitive as the smaller planes. Just try it out by taking control earlier on final every time you’re out there.
Especially going up or down is just fail and error and you’ll master it rather quick. Steering the A320nx left or right with the keyboard is though. Or ,another cook, as a famous dutch coach ones said.

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Usually you have fuel for the alternate + holding fuel + contigency fuel + final reserve fuel + extra fuel.
If fuel at the destination is very expensive you might even have fuel for the return flight on board.

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