Perfomance in Intl. Airport KLAX terminal

Good day.
I have a PC box standard edition. My hardware motherboard MSI Z 97 GAMING 5, processor i5 4690k overclocked to 4.4 ghz, RAM 16gb 2666 mhz, MSI gtx 1080 aero 8 gb.
For FSX and DCS World 2.7 simulator I use v-sync + lock 30 fps. nvidia inspecor. Simulators are very smooth and non-stuttering. Especially with FSX in every corner of the world smooth 30fps. For high detail without air traffic at international airports. In FS 2020 I see that the simulation of a stuttering . For example, KLAX International Airport. Set to high detail. There were mild stutter while eating. When taking off and looking at the large terminals, the simulation starts to stutter a lot. After takeoff simulation nectar. When flying over the city smooth 30 fps. This was also found at other international airports, especially in the USA. The terminals are very depleting. Airports are not optimized. We even reduced the detail setting to medium and low. The stuttering decreased, but the simulation of the stutter continued. No settings help. This is not a hardware problem. This is a problem with FS 2020 software and its airports, which are not optimized. Please do something about it. Thank you.

I’m thinking maybe upgrade that processor and ram. Im on a i7 9700k, gtx 1070 8gig, 32 gig ddr4 3200 ram and a 1tb nvme drive. Absolutely happy with the performance. I can be patient for that new gpu…lol

Yes. The 5 GHz processor should probably fix. but I can fly in any corner of the world at almost an ultra setting. but at a low flight over an empty airport, a simulator starts stuttering. with a decrease of about 5 - 10 images? I think this is wrong. some buildings at the airport take fps. it is not optimized. above the densely built-up area is all ok.