Performance at the expense of visual quality

There is a bug might affect it maybe more than it should.

Ultra Setting stick to Medium.

It’s not just pop-in and ground textures though, there’s plenty of other issues regarding the graphics downgrade. Anti-aliasing is a complete mess now, whereas they previously had it at perfection. Honestly, the anti-aliasing implementation in this sim was probably the best I’ve ever seen in a game, and now it’s completely broken. Trust me, I’m not the type of person to get the pitchforks out over the smallest thing, I was always willing to give Asobo the benefit of the doubt, not complain and just trust what they’re doing. But they’ve really, really messed this one up


It ran worse for me on the 8086K w/32GB 3600 cas16 and a 1080ti 11GB all plugged into a Maximus X board. Hell I started lowering details from SU4 to compensate but it didn’t matter. My PC is mid range these day’s but it was still pulling 45FPS sitting on the apron at Orlando in my DC6B. After this update I lost 10-20% performance to my baselines and the rendering was dirty as I could see extra passes per frame drawing the lighting and reflections every time the camera switched. Despite the cockpit being on a separate thread the DC6 ran much worse. It also explains why they did the big VSYNC swap chain switch and then broke GSYNC in World Update 3 and never fixed it. They never had any intention of fixing anything because they were moving to a console port.

It is actually to be expected on some levels though when you completely ditch the PC version and move to some console port. I think the biggest bait n switch the PC industry has ever seen just happened and it was done by Microsoft Gaming Studios. I know for one I will never buy another product on the MS Store and it’s shocking I was even thinking of buying an XBOX X.

When they announced the XBOX support I didn’t mind I just expected it to be two different builds. I never in a thousand years would ever guess they would be so naïve to push a console port over to the PC and with minimal testing at that. I really don’t wish anyone ill will but if you are this bad at your job you deserve to be fired. The damage is already done though. I’m moving to Xplane 11 Next Generation if anything and have learned a valuable lesson here. Never EVER trust Microsoft again. I honestly don’t have the money to fight these guys on this but if I did I would be rocking the boat so hard right now.

I hope the EU jumps all over this bait and switch and the gaming industry should be more aware of it too. What happened here is brutal. Asobo and Microsoft used us for 11 months to beta test this software and everyone KNOWS how rough it was. This is NOT what we were promised by any means. It’s NOT what we were even shown in the live stream. This is NOT a Sim Update by any stretch. Every single file in the base game was replaced with a console port. Took me a while to realize what had just happened once I was able to actually get into the sim. I was already working with a fresh vanilla FULL install of SU4 which was working 99.9% flawless and I have only crashed twice in 11 months of extensive flying. Now I was crashing in the world map and soft locking inside the sim with the process still running. Clear signs of an untested port running on untested hardware.

I would really like to hear what other third party developers are thinking right now. After a decent SU4 many third party devs jumped in thinking it was safe and then they go and pull the biggest scam in the history of gaming haha. WOW! When I kindly asked for the PC version back they instantly locked my thread. Nice to see some threads still moving. It has not been easy to even give feedback on this update it’s so brutal. There will be more backlash to come. If the sim works for you and you are happy that is great but there is so many PC users here sitting here gutted and now scratching their heads wondering what just happened.

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At an altitude of 34,000 feet you can’t see anything in focus, and there is no other way than with compromise, either TOP graphics with little FPS or not quite as good graphics but with TOP FPS

finally stop whining!

Additional world update was downloaded ?

Specific to the antialiasing and render scale degradation issue, I created a bug report so that we can address it to the developers. Here’s the link.

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I’m an astrophotographer. The software I use for processing that is fully multi-core and uses as many cores as you can throw at it. Core speed matters, but far less than more cores. A process that takes 10 mins to run on my 2700X with 16 threads might take 15 minutes. On the 5800X it would take 14 minutes due to slightly increased single core speed. On the 5900X, it would take 10 minutes due to the extra 8 threads.

So yeah, the 5950X would be the best for that, but I’d also like to have the fastest core speeds I can get on my motherboard for its mid-life upgrade. And the 5900X will be a great boost for gaming while also providing me with a significant upgrade for my other stuff as well.

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I’m running LOD at 5.0 and I’m not seeing much difference or change in performance. There’s only one user config file, right?

In your world it is, but it is now flyable according to any standard. Physics simulation doesn’t have the required resolution (not the graphical resolution but the different kind of resolution), planes do not act as they are supposed to and it’s just a complete mess at such a low framerate.
Especially if not capped, they increase, decrease and the sim gets full of micro-stutters and ghosting.

If it is according to the FAA/EASA flight sim standard, for the proper flying simulation and dynamics in the closed cockpit setup or VR 48/50fps PAL locked and stable is the minimum.

If it’s according to me personally, it’s 30fps G-SYNCed with the LFC or otherwise 50-60fps locked and stable - otherwise I get sea sick, headaches and I throw up after ~10 minutes.

Really tough stuff…looking at an unhealthy framerate…for everybody it causes harm in the long run and you can hockey ball as much as you like or listen to my advice and do something about your framerate. All of you.

Ok…i agree.
But at the moment I dont like to spend 3.000,00 € for a new GPU like the 3080…I prefer to wait when the price reach the correct value: 500-800 € more or less
Waiting that i’m satisfied by my NV 2060 Super.

Voted. Antialiasing and terrain pop-in are the two main issues with the update as far as I’m concerned.

Without going into a lot of setup details here is my take on the SU5 changes.

I paid lots of $$$ for a premium rig to enjoy this new sim and had to scale my resolution on my 4k monitor to UHD native and sim settings with rendering scaled at 100 to get a smoothed out 30fps with ultra settings in most situations. The scenery looked great with my biggest complaint being the morphing terrain which totally takes away from any feeling of immersion.

Now I am able to achieve the same performance with a 4k resolution setup, no stutters or CTDs. So the performance issues seem to have improved a lot BUT…

Now there are these oversaturated and low contrast visuals that can’t be adjusted out for daytime flying unless you add a lot of cloud cover. Feel like I need sunglasses in the sim now! The cloud detail seems to be less even at max ultra settings and of course the terrain morphing thing is the same if not worse especially in mountains but the coastline morphing seems much better. The post referring to cycling the Global Rendering Quality from applying low-end followed by ultra seemed to work for me as it seemed to be limited to high-end resolutions beforehand even though the setting was ultra on mine.

Hoping these will get resolved sooner than later. At this point I’d prefer to go back to what we had last week for the better visuals!

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Interesting topic, seems PC Lod ranges atleast have been halved in the standard presets. You can still get there by a cfg tweak.

Wondering if its a bug, or a way to “optimize” the sim for PC.

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I think that it’s just a downgrade for better fps…

Here it comes Los Angeles…and I need to say something to everyone here.

These scenes set at ULTRA are quite extreme, it taxes literally every single component in my workstation as if I am working on a highly complex CGI scene or when simulating logic gates and semiconductors in Silvaco…just luckily with limited usage of resources (as evident).

It taxes NVMe, RAM, VRAM, CPU, GPU and my ConnectX NPU like crazy, it taxes the whole MOTHERBOARD chipset and the power supply everything is burning with utilization !!
Besides fans on the GPU, CPU, RAM and chipset, I have 5 more fans on the case - they all work quite a bit when I push the sim like this for hours…and I keep the room strictly between 24-26*C ! Hotter means stability problems when I work on my research and stuff. So I know what’s going on every moment with my sht.

People, please check your temperatures and the power usage on your machines when you run this !
Also do the memtest, check how does your RAM memory work, check your SSD’s, also do sfc /scannow to check your Windows. That’s aimed at you who suffer stability issues so much.
Also, if you want no scenery popping out atyou that much like I’ve seen here - want everything to be in the view in a snap - want photogrametry loaded without errors - you need a powerful machine and it needs to be well maintained, good airflow, good power supply, RAM memory and chipset need to work well and healthy and you cannot you just cannot let the framerate uncapped you cannot do that and expect your CPU to deliver all things in an instant !

Any instability on your motherboard chipset and all that data going literally all over the lanes gets damaged in an instant.
One larger voltage instability in your household or a stronger and sudden short-term load on your power supply when this Los Angeles comes into view with EVERYTHING that’s part of it…no no no even one significant read/write error within your RAM memory and bye bye…ta-na-naaa sleep little girl sleep…CTD or BSOD.

Mind you I also have the 50 GB/s PCIe network accelerator by nVidia…■■■■■■■■ mellanox…and the whole system gets activated this much.
Just…you gotta chill out with raging and flaming…yes there are some downgrades…and it has to be like that till we switch to DX12 because otherwise all of you with older hardware would really struggle to run the sim properly.
NO !
It’s not just the matter of a slider !
The new tech that the sim is based on works full power at any slider setting, it’s just another level, it CONSUMES and DEMANDS power and stability. That’s a challenge.
The simulator was bordering with UNFLYABLE for a huge number of users till this update !
Of course Asobo and Microsoft see the issues, and yes they know about every CTD that happens, devops teams get a ton of stats every single minute, they know more than we do.

But did you see how tired Sebastian was when he showcased the improvements on his computer during the live Q&A ?
Did Jorg say something like 50.000 changes…Jorg said fifty f****n thousand things being worked on all the time !!?
Come on people, the posts in this topic…
I read somebody here…“class action”… this and that…he would…
Show respect !! :angry:

The LA:


I thought exactly the same…colours look very cartoony now in some areas. Not everywhere but definitely not as realistic as it was before

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Sorry, you lost me at that point.

Thank you for the LA screenshots, the problem I have at the moment appears that although my settings are all at Ultra every time I start the simulator it goes back to medium (or high). I will check back on LA because I should be able to achieve the same results.

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You too mentioned “EVERYTHING is as shape as it was”… for you to make such a bold statement, i supposed you have many screenshots of everything in msfs before and after SU5 and across all type of terrains and regions to proof your statement huh?

You too mentioned “EVERYTHING is as shape as it was”… for you to make such a bold statement, i supposed you have many screenshots of everything in msfs before and after SU5 and across all type of terrains and regions to proof your statement huh?

I did? Can you quote my exact statement?