Performance bombs out of nowhere

Since the update, I have played the game twice and twice I had to quit for the same reason. VR performance for me and my Index has been great and still is…up until - well, I really don’t know.

I’ll be flying, smooth frame rate and then out of nowhere, the game starts to crawl down to a 1-2 fps pace. Just absolutely tanks and the game becomes completely unplayable.

I don’t know what to do. Everything worked fine before this update.

Any more? The recent ai ship mod does this from time to time for me. Long shot is to delete rolling cache and reset it to 32gb.

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Do skins count as ship mods?

Also, how do you delete rolling cache? I’ve seen this suggestion before but am unaware of how to do it.


there appears to be a memory leak for at least some users, after a while flying you run out of memory and windows starts to thrash… how long it takes to get to that state will depend how much memory you have available. There is no real solution other than to exit the sim and perhaps reboot the PC.

see here (and vote if this describes your problem) Severe Performance Problem in Identified and Reported - Bugs & Issues / Performance, Graphics & CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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I would also like to know if there are any Cache / Temp Folders beside the Grafic Cards NVIDIA Cache

%programdata%\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache

which would be worth to check to be cleaned from time to time?

I wonder too about this huge Performance Drops with each Start of the Game.
Still one time it works ok then the entire Game is stutterish from scratch launching or after a while from one moment to another.
This has been reported several times already as a current ongoing SIM behavior.

I also wonder how much the LiveStreaming Data / Cloud affects the SIM Performance.
There are many Locations the MAP Data can be streamed from and if there is a LAG with one of the Clouds, this could also affect the Performance i guess. I am with a 100 Megabit Line which is very stable but i more and more get the Idea that its the Cloud Performance causing much trouble in Game.

I am kinda tired currently about all that Issues in VR since its so many things alltime harming any Fun to even play the SIM in VR. I am not using any Tray Tool tweaks with my RTX 3080 an the i9 10900K since i am having no Issues with other VR SIMS or VRGames except MSFS 2020 using default Settings in Oculus and SteamVR.

Thx for the Link above i also voted.

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That’s exactly it. Thanks mate. Voted!

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