Performance Bravo

I just spent 30 minutes in multiplayer over New York City at sunset and got the best frame rate I’ve ever had on this sim. THIS is how it is supposed to be. Nice job to Asobo on this one. RTX 2080 Super doing very well now. And Ive never seen such an airshow over Manhattan like what is going on there right now in multiplayer, haha. Big fun. Great frame rates speeding between the buildings finally.

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I’ve also gotten a noticeable boost in frames, and less stuttering.

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It’s incredible. I fly in VR with a G2, turned a lot of settings down so I could have a reasonable fps over Tokyo. After the downloading of the patch was finally done it was the first thing I tried. It was SO much smoother that I could even increase quite a lot of graphic settings while it still felt smooth.

A couple of weeks ago an AMD fidelity patch was released for Assetto Corsa which also gave me an incredible fps boost of around 30%. I like the way this technology is going :slight_smile:


They made the scenery not render if it’s not in your line of site but if you pan around too fast you will get popping really bad


Cool, I havent yet tried increasing my settings, but I was already at Ultra on a few things before. I’ll try that next.

I see now that the seasons mod by Bijan Habashi is causing the sim to not load. I emailed him to let him know if he didnt already.

Interesting, I see no difference in performance at all. On a 4790k and 2080Ti
I was getting about 30fps in 4K ultra and 100% detail. Now I still am. It’s acceptable but I’m surprised that despite the hype it’s still the same.

Yeah, but a lot of the hype came from the community rather than official sources. These things are like Chinese whispers. A developer says one thing, and the more it gets repeated the more it twists and warps into something else.

By the end of it all we have live countdown timers for the best patch ever released for a computer game which is going to solve all the world’s problems… except it doesn’t, nor was it ever going to. So people are disappointed and get angry over things that were never actually promised.

Personally, despite all the hype I went into this expecting little or no performance gain whatsoever. From what the official sources were saying, it just didn’t sound like they kind of optimisations they were doing would benefit my particular system. Once all this day-one nonsense has calmed down and I can actually download the patch I’ll find out, but as long as it runs at least as well as it did beforehand, that’ll do me.

Well your 4790k is several gens old. Maybe you’ll get an increase on a newer CPU.I did get 10fps increase at least on my 2060super paired with an i7 10700k and the 1080ti is still one heck of a gpu even faster than my 2060super.
Some areas performance remain the same but less dense areas the fps has definitely increased.

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I have a Season update for SU5. If you bought from simmarket, you can download the new update. If you bought from marketplace, email me to get the update.

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Thanks, got it. Working fine now.

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