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I just have a couple of questions if anyone has a little time to answer. I purchased MFS a couple of weeks ago. I have to say that I was very impressed. Especially after owning almost all other flight sims available for 20 years or so now. MFS 2020 (bugs and all) is hands down superior to most others out there.
Over the past few days it seems as though the quality of the video has deteriorated to the point where it seems to be a completely different simulator. When I first fired it up I could easily guide my way through most places on the local landmarks. I was amazed at the accuracy on most of the scenery. But after about a week I began to notice the details in the scenery fading. Buildings weren’t loading correctly. Shrubs and trees became lumps on the ground in many places, and the loading area got much smaller. I want to say that all of this may have come about after the last update. So now, the scenery in general is just sparse, bare, and not loading in may places. The cities are even different. I fly over Tucson all of the time. I know it well as I live there. I was surprised at first when the down town area was dead on. Buildings, landmarks, even some houses. But now it seems to go in and out of having generic buildings in Tucson to having the realistic buildings. I have never seen this before. I was flying over the Grand canyon and the Colorado River became what looked like an artists rendition painted with a charcoal pencil. Last night it seemed ok after a while, but for the first 20 minutes these issues were there.
I have 3 questions about this problem. 1. I have been having internet issues as of the past 2 weeks or so. How much does MFS depend on the internet for it’s scenery loading? Could this be part of my problem???
2. Do 3rd party add ons have any bearing on these things? It really does seem as though this issue persists more in purchased planes than the out of the box planes.
and 3: I know that I am at the lower end of the spectrum on the system specs here but my system runs DCS, Xplane, and IL-2 pretty well on medium or high settings. MFS seems to be a little less memory hungry than any of these others.

Intel(R) Core™ i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz (4.8Ghz)
16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
NVidia G force 2080 8Gig
SSD external 1 TB hard drive
Since the system ran well for over a week, I am assuming that my computer specs are not as much the problem as maybe the internet issue? I am very familiar with rendering and setting up sims on my system and so I know when I am working things a bit hard. With MFS I have pretty much left everything alone in the graphics settings so far. I wanted to get the lay of the land before making changes. And in the beginning it all ran well. Hard to believe that graphics would gradually get worse if my system weren’t able to run something.
I opted for the Beta version of the game so I know there will be issues. Just seeing if this is a problem with others also.


Almost entirely, and yes, absolutely.
Offline mode will look entirely different. Check the Data section in the settings to see if everything is enabled. Of course having it enabled won’t help if you don’t have a working internet connection.


Well…There ya go then. I thought that might be the problem. My internet carrier will be out to fix the connection issues this afternoon.


Well, Good Luck on the repairs.
I keep a spare and tested Modem/Router combination in the event I have connections trouble so I can tell them without a doubt, the trouble IS OUTSIDE my home.

Did this happen after you updated? I found these exact issues with mine after Update 6 as well as frame rate drops and stuttering especially when turning. I have 500mb down speed and I know it’s not that.

I’ve had this happen before with rolling cache disabled. I always have it enabled now and delete it every time I update something, changing the cache size slightly to ensure it resets. I’ve never had any terrain issues since doing this.

If your cache is already enabled try deleting it and changing the file size then hitting view cache to reset it completely and reneable at a different size to last time, I usally go between around 24 and 36 GB.

Yeah…I’m still playing around with all of the settings, controller assignments, and video renderings. This sim has a lot of options. Most of my initial issue was the bad internet. Now that it’s fixed, things are way better. But you are touching on something that I am not really familiar with in flight sims. I have never had an option to adjust the cache limits. I don’t think I have ever seen that option in Xplane or DCS so it’s a little bit off my radar at the moment. However, I know that I’ll get to it and figure it out soon. I do have some minor rendering issues that need addressing and this may be the ticket to that. So I will use your settings as a springboard.

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