Performance chart based on PC system?


First time post but not a stranger to flight sims. I play on triple 1080 screens with everything on Low, and about 20-30 rendering. FPS is about 20.

I have a Dell Optiplex 7010
Intel(R) Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
Palit Geforce 1660 GTX 6GB

Appreciate it’s not a monster of a gaming machine but this is what I have for my office/game at the moment, but may be looking into building a new one.

Question is, is there or can anyone point me to a good guide on recommended specs for each level of the Global Rendering Quality ( Low/Med/High/Ultra), with considerations for other global/local settings to change for better or for worse, for a given fps and resolution and number of screens? TBH I’m good to go with 1080, and may forgo triple screens if the demands are too great, middle of the ground or balanced setting of quality/performance. I’m sure there is a number of guides or threads on this already, but I can’t find “the ultimate” one.


On Discord we use this:


Thank you - What rendering quality does each level represent though? E.g. Does min spec mean you are limited to run on Low-end, right the way to Ultra with the Ideal spec you can run Ultra (just so I’m clear)?

Also, is this assuming an FPS of approx 30?

Roughly, yes, that’s the idea, based on 1080p/1440p resolution with 30+ fps.

In the end it’s a pretty simple task: Buy the best you can buy for your budget. I went all out and now have 50 fps in VR with ultra quality and LOD at max. Is it worth it? Purely subjective. I think it is :slight_smile:

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Out of interest what advantages does Windows 11 bring to not make Windows 10 qualify for ‘ideal’?

Longer continued support for the OS. Windows 11 has no performance disadvantage to 10.

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Of course, but when considering budget, one needs to know what to expect, and whether adjusting to a higher budget is beneficial vs performance. e.g. rather research expected performance now, rather than afterwards when you’ve learnt that the spec is not to your expectation and you wished you budgeted for more.

Haven’t gamed or upgraded my PC for years, and I’m shocked at the price of GPU’s these days, so it’s ever more important that the wider range of cards and pricing offered is chosen carefully for my needs

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That’s a good guide. It’s worth pointing out if you deviate too much in cpu/gpu specs and resolutions you could be in for a hard time. Of course there are ways to mitigate some of this but for that you need an intimate understanding of how the sim works.

With dlss as a compromise my 5800X, rtx3060 system can run 4k ultra @ 30-40fps without problems. And at LOD 400 however using 3rd party airliners and apps would likely need a reduction.

Sorry, what is LOD?

Terrain Level Of Detail … in MSFS graphic options (PC). This affects both draw distances and scenery detail, also pop-ins. For high LODs a powerful cpu is essential and even then too much graphic power can have a negative effect. 200-400 is optimum.

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