Performance degradation during flight

Hi folks. I have been a whole year trying to get a reasonable performance on my SIM without success. With my actual settings I got solid 32FPS when start the flight, however as the flight progresses (1 hour or more) the FPS turns unstable and when I move the head the FPS drop to 6 or 8 FPS and then recovers until I move the head again. I don’t know if it’s a memory problem, if someone got a clue how to fix this in order to have a stable flight. My rig: Oculus Quest 2 (64), i5 9400F, Nvidia RTX3070, 32GB RAM

One known cause of performance degradation is traffic. Try disabling traffic and see if it still happens, or if you’re mid flight, disable it (settings → General → Traffic) and it should resolve itself immediately.

If it doesn’t work instantly, it’s some other issue.


I can confirm this works, I had the same issue.

I should add that if the performance returns, you should be able to turn traffic back again and retain normal performance. But it will of course likely degrade over time again.

I have the Traffic disabled and still hapends

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Try this if not yet. I’m also a Quest 2 user and this worked for me.