Performance degradation from todays update

Dear all,

i am doing my first flight todays with the new update at it seems the fps decreased. I have a nvidia 3090 and in release notes they wrote that they disabled the nvidia memory optimation. Could other others with a 3090 confirm if they experienced the same?

Is there any possibility to get that back as an option in the menu?

That information provided is really weak as you not even tell which DX version you use.

If you use DX12 it’s likely the performance decreased as the DX12 memory management was deactivated for known reasons.


I have a 3090 as well. No performance degradation from me on DX12 - it’s about the same as before. I think the change you noted was to fix the artifacts on DX12.

Sorry for that, yes i am using dx12 and i was getting a huge boost in comparisson to SU9 with the older SU10 Beta builds


I don’t have a 3090. But there is a significant performance degradation for me with the removal of the DX12 optimizations. I’ve lost all the improvements that SU10 brought. :frowning:


Lets wait, if other 3090 user with dx12 are experiencing the same, maybe a possibility to downgrade to the previous beta would be nice or putting the dx12 memory management back in game in the options menu.

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Dx12 RTX3090, Everything was perfect on highest settings, but after this latest update i don’t even want to try anymore for some days. Pure stuttering and totally unplayable :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Same here on DX12 RTX3090 - stuttering as aell since today

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Yep, 3090 FE here. DX12 SU10 Beta 1 was running perfectly for me, zero stutters, solid frame time, liquid smooth with G Sync working.

The last 2 updates to the Beta have reverted back to how it was with SU9. Many stutters especially close to the ground.

Worth noting that DX11 has performed the same for me throughout all the SU10 betas and SU9, with stutters on the ground. It was the SU10 Beta 1 update with DX12 activated which transformed the sim for me with fluid frametimes, but now that fluidity seems to have been lost.


I am having the opposite… 3080 Ti, i9-12900k, 32gb DDR5 RAM. Using DX12 on Ultra, no artifacts and yes, my FPS dropped to 40s (vs 60s) but no stutters at KDFW.

So far so good.

Wow performance is probably the worst ive ever seen it with the latest update. 1st SU10 update was phenomenal and the best performance ive ever gotten. 2nd SU10 update def took a hit but was still decent and now 3rd update is just garbage and game is unplayable in DX11 and DX12. The game will even hang in the menu system! Performance is worst than SU9 or just as bad

After update #2 i kept telling myself it’ll get better with all this submitted feedback from various users/testers but now this is just straight up upsetting.

Well in the patch notes, it says DX12 memory management on NVIDIA GPU have been disabled due to graphical corruption, so maybe that is why you are seeing performance degradation if you are running DX12. I don’t know about DX11 though.

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What are your specs? So weird to me that I am having the exact opposite experience. FPS has taken a bit of a hit, in DX12, but by no means is it unplayable or abysmal for me on an 3080 Ti, i9-12900k.

EVGA Dark Z690
32 GB 6200 MHZ

Interesting. Have you tried lowering your settings from ULTRA to HIGH and seeing if that improves anything? I’m wondering if some of this is network congestion with tons of people downloading the update, etc.

I’ll try a little bit later, but it seems like anyone whose running the 3090 is def feeling the same way. As we’re all in the same boat with this huge hit to performance. Looks like DX12 memory management was disabled in the latest update.

yeah that is what I am seeing – 3090 users aren’t happy, but 3080 Ti or less seem to be able to increase their settings back to SU9 levels again.

Hopefully they can come up with a toggle for those who need memory management vs those who do not.

It was disabeled indeed. It’s mentioned in the releasenotes, because of the graphic glitches. Apparently nVidia needs to release a new driver first.

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9900K, 3080Ti 12GB, 64GB RAM, NVMe drives for MSFS.

I’ve seen a huge performance drop on DX12 with today’s release, going down to 5-10 FPS from a typical 35-45 FPS on mostly Ultra, 4K graphics settings. DLSS is ON. Frame rates are slow too in the menus, or even when viewing the world map before a flight. DX11 is also slower, but somewhat passable.