Performance degradation, gpu under 50% usage

Whenever I start a flight my gpu usage is at an appropriate amount, then slowly goes down throughout, causing my FPS to drop to 20 fps and under. Not totally unplayable just suuuper annoying and seems like it happens for no reason at all. Why’s it not using all my GPU? Totally annoyed by this issue in my opinion it should be one of the main priorities. Especially for IFR simmers like me.
If they wanna keep players like me for when X-plane 12 comes out, they need to step up.
Cheers and happy flying.


Happened to me tonight , flying out of EGSS to EGPH , my frames wouldn’t go above 23 fps

I normally lock my fps to 40 but even at FL200 it was laggy and fps 23 , thought it was a livery on the FBW, but respawnned at LEIB and did a circuit and had frames up to 40 so not sure what happened, I suspect it has to do with servers but who knows

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Not servers. Happens every time I and many others fly a medium length flight. I only lock my FPS to thirty too.
It’s GPU usage ramping down for some reason. There’s a bug thread here that I urge everyone to vote on. People have been conducting their own investigations into this, but the devs get paid for that.
I urge everyone to vote on the above topic and also submit reports to zendesk.


I assume you mean these users which have these kind of issues ( may be with that kind of installed mods ).

All others should not feelt forced to votes on somewhat :wink:

I have the same issue: during the initial cut scene when entering the runway the frames and GPU utilization are ok (still lower as the used to were prior SU7) but when actually starting the flight the utilization plummets down to about 50 to 60%. During flight sometimes it jumps up to 70 - 100% for a split second - but this very short spike does not have any impact on FPS of course…
So 99% of flight time the utilization is below 60% and therefore tje FPS are not great (~30 FPS, at takeoff even as low as 24 FPS)
Prior to SU7 I had about 40 - 50 FPS. Even with Terrain draw distance cranked up to 5 (500)

I am running the sim on an ultra wide monitor with a resolution auf 5120x1440
The render scale is set to 100%, the tragic preset is set to Ultra, the terrain slider is at 400

My system:
Intel i9-9900k @ 4.7GHz
MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Suprim X 24GB
64GB DDR @ 3766 MT/s
Sim is installed on a Samsung EVO Plus 2TB nVme SSD
Sim version: premium deluxe, steam edition, version
Windows 10, latest version
Nvidia driver latest (497.26) - no specific driver settings for MSFS
HAGS off


I would assume it’s for the obvious reasons that some things in the sim are CPU bound and some GPU bound. If, at any particular part of the flight, the sim is primarily drawing on the CPU then GPU usage will drop as it doesn’t have as much to do. This applies to any game whether it’s COD or XPlane or this. There are threads on this site detailing how to spread the load more evenly. it’s just a matter of searching them out and reading them.

Flightsims have always been resource intensive (all of them) so for people to suggest msfs is somehow worse doesn’t hold up. I understand people get frustrated because they want have the settings as high as possible and sometimes at higher resolutions but this sort of thing is and always has been part of the flightsim landscape. Maybe around the time of the 50 series of graphics cards…:wink:


Not mods happens with everything.
Not everyone has the luxury of having a high-end rig like yours. Stop being smart.
And as seen in this thread and multiple others, even those with high-end rigs run into the same problem, mods or no mods.


It’s not the player’s jobs to do the testing and figure it out for themselves, it’s the devs jobs to properly optimize the software.
Also, CPU usage is low as well.

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For me sim is probably at it’s best in terms of performance. I used to get stutters on final because the AI Planes were generated, right now even that is gone. I get quite decent performance in big airports like KLAX KSFO LTFM etc.

Of course I don’t know why it changes too much from user to user. My system is:

i7-10700K not overclocked
512GB SSD for MSFS

And I haven’t updated my driver so it remains as 496.76.

Well I mean, you do have a monster of a rig… so that’s probably why.

Trust me I used to have quite a lot of stutters and stopped playing the sim for a while. But I set my vsync to 30 maybe that may be doing an effect :thinking:

Mines on 30 too. Would you have any idea what your GPU usage is during a flight? Also what planes do you usually fly.

I’ll try to check it tonight and will try to let you know. For now what I can say is that I play the game on ultra settings except LOD is set to 200, and I fly with either FBW A32NX or Headwind A330-900 Neo.

Even FBW gives me a decent performance that’s why I am very happy with the current version. But I remember before I bought my desktop I was playing on my laptop and after an hour or something FPS was always dropping to 7s 5s. Then it fixed itself like a magic then the frequency of dropping FPS was severe.

I haven’t had that problem for a quite a long time though but it seems people are still experiencing so I hope they can take a look at it.

Interesting thanks for sharing. I’m stuck flying short hops in the CRJ for now because the FPS drop on long flights in the a32x are killing me. Less than medium settings too. Maybe it’s a RAM thing because I only have 16gb.

this switch to the first v-sync “step”, which is for a 60fps monitor then 30fps ( it is not 30fps for a e.g. 120fps monitor ). Lots of user-eyes notice a fluctuation in fps ( e.g. 30-70 up and down) as stutters and a simple “fixed max limit” can avoid that.

I actually am happier when I set it to 30 which works perfectly fine on my monitor which is LG 27GP850-B.

yep… I have use also the 30’er setting, which is for my LG with 75fps then a 37 fps max limit… enough for a sim and my gpu runs not allways in full-load only for the reason to reach sometime 50…60… fps ( which can cause tearing, because mentioned 75fps monitor ).

By any chance are you using REX for weather? I get very bad stutters on final every time I use REX. If I use default weather I do not get the stutters. REX forum is full of people complaining about the stutters.

I forgot to mention I am also using the FBW A320.

I am not using REX weather, no. I am using default live weather.

So I checked today over Los Angeles and GPU and CPU usages are changing between %50-%80.