Performance Degradation with Upgrade

I’ll check it out and get back to you.

N851TB :smirk::shushing_face:

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KORD on ground with the FBW A320. Real-time traffic and weather, 1440p high settings.

Same here, FPS fluctuations all over the place, Asobo needs to aknowledge and release a hotfix ASAP. In the meantime changing my review in steam to negative.


…I remember back then in the (good) old days of Tech Alpha testing,when we were provided with the next update by the devs there was a mandatory procedure otherwise the arise of any kind of strange problems, issues and Sim behaviour was almost a certainty.“Re-install everything from scratch”.A while later when things with the oncoming updates got better the above procedure wasn’t mandatory anymore,however when someone was continue to encounter “strange” phenomenon after a new update installation the solution was still a vanilla installation given that a thorough, complete and correct removal of the intalled Sim will take place according to the instructions given.And magically everything bad went away!!!Every time!!Strange things and issues,maybe not like the one haunting us right now however I (like to) thing and hope something similar will happen.
As a sidenote,my friend I talked about earlier in my previous post doesn’t have any kind of problem with his Sim,everything is maybe even better than ever according to his exact words.The possibility something went south during the latest update seems the only logical explanation given the nature of the problem therefore the only logical solution should be to just kill the ■■■■ thing and set it up again right from the start.

Something is definitely wrong with the scenery, here is a street in Montreal, full of polygons to calculate that shouldn’t even be there in the first place. And this bridge, gosh…

(If you fly above the buildings, it will be calculated, of course, it won’t happen if you’re 30000ft high (or maybe it does who knows, since it’s a bug :thinking: )).

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I get the exact same issue :frowning:
I can’t play it now till it’s fixed. Hope it’s a hotfix!
When’s the next update?

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Same issue. Random stuttering and frame drop. Can’t really play it like this.

10750H, RTX 2070, 16GB ram and SSD.

It was working great right before this update at high-end settings. We need a hotfix stat!


Steveo!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::facepunch:t2:

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Yeah will probably stop using the sim until this is fixed. I had 6-8 fps for about 5 minutes approaching KMLB in a TBM.

Lowering LOD from 200 to 50 gave me that 2 fps increase.
3440x1440 after switching vr off because that was unusuable with a 5800x and a 3080 and 32GB ram on an NVME ssd.

This needs to be fixed asap.

There is no way we can solve any of this. Only Asobo can. Users’ posts contain very descriptive symptoms (which may be helpful with troubleshooting) and the various attempted workarounds. The root cause of the symptoms needs to be identify and fixed and we are not privy to the MSFS internals.


Just the fact that I get 14fps when zooming on the map, and after a flight, back with the same zoom at the exact same place, 178fps, shows that something’s wrong here.
I can’t wait for a proper fix :smiley:

I heard one or two people had success with letting the sim idle for a minute or two after launch before clicking the world map. Didn’t work for me but maybe something to try :man_shrugging:


Personally, until I hear something definitive from Asobo, I am not changing graphics parameters, rolling back drivers, reinstalling Windows and/or MSFS. Except for deleting the rolling cache, there is nothing suggesting that any changes are either a temporary workaround or a viable fix. YMMV


What is it doing???

One thing I notice is that memory fragmentation has gotten much worse. Before I hardly got any hard faults with these numbers. Yet that doesn’t explain the half of it. Sub 1 fps atm

Just flying along an island in the distance

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Lol what’s next, light a candle and say a chant? I’ll try anything !


Just adding myself to the list of people with horrible random stuttering and FPS dips since the last update. No changes on my end at all. It will smooth out a bit off and on, but when the stuttering starts it goes for ages. Sometimes I have to reload into a new flight. Fairly brutal. Heres hoping this gets addressed.


Cool “slewing”.

I have mine setup on my Thrustmaster Flight Stick.

I enjoy slewing and looking at the scenery and not having
to worry about flying.

I’m also experiencing massive performance issues that are pretty much hindering me from enjoying the sim right now.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra with a slight OC
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus nvme m.2 ssd

Here’s a quick gif:

Will be cruising along at 50+fps @ 1440p Ultra and then all of a sudden the game will slam down to 8-14fps, showing massive latency on Mainthread, manipulators, coherentGTDraw. Also, it seems like the GPU usage goes almost to idle during this time (and no, the GPU is not downclocking).

I’ve tried vanilla MSFS (no mods), changing graphics settings, everything. Nothing really helps.


I’ve lowered my settings, no more hard faults occurring (page flle use which was not a problem before) but the horrible stuttering is the same after a while. It gets so bad it doesn’t recognize half my key presses.

IS anything being done about this?

Have ASOBO admitted they made some mistakes with SIm Update III?