Performance Degradation with Upgrade

Can confirm. 44 FPS to roughly 23 with lots of stuttering.

Edit: The weird thing is that I was getting around 55 frames in the uneffected areas before the update. So I guess there is something wrong which affects the whole map, but it is even worse in certain areas.


I suppose that depends on what resolution you were trying to run the game at and what you were trying to do that with.

Pushing 4k on marginal hardware maybe but…

A 20% drop in render scaling on a 1080p monitor is sub full HD and presumably just shifts any upscaling to the monitor to somewhere else anyway.

Has anyone tried turning off MENU.TRAFFIC_FAUNA in the Data Menu gave me a bug fps improvement? back to my normal 40-50 fps from 20-30.

Tried that. Didn’t solve my problems.

I did work about 10mins but then it went back to the 15-20 range

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Set to zero. No impact


I’m having severe performance degradation also. Before this last patch, I was hitting 18-22fps at KATL with settings on ‘high’ (not ultra). Now with the same graphic settings, I’m lucky to get around 6-8fps.

AMD 3600X
MSI RTX2600 Super
32GB ram

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I habe the same Performance Problem-20 Fraps!!!
All Settings high
Saphire RX 5700xt Nitro+
I9 9900 CPU

wow a 3090, you are dominating good sir

I am in a situation where no matter what I do I can’t get above 25 FPS. I have heard for some people the sim starts out fine, then chokes, some it depends on their location; for me, its just broken - everything I have tried yields 20-25 FPS. As with many, my GPUs usage is 15-20% where my CPU is pegged at 100% usage on one of the 8 cores, the other 7 are sleeping. If I wanted to fry and egg on my CPU trying to play the game right now… I could.



Honestly, what a ■■■■■■■■ of an update was this? I was able to play with 50fps just fine pretty much everywhere but now i constantly get this

I9-9900K at 5.1GHz

Asobo please push a hotfix as soon as you got one, dont wait for the next sim update.


Hopefully a hotfix that doesn’t need another hotfix to fix it .


this is an f**** update :confused: It makes no sense anymore to play


Flown over Mallorca earlier today with a super smooth experience.
But my homeairport near EDDS is infected from stuttering and cooking my processor.

Asobo… I was in awe of what you had achieved until this latest disaster. Every update brings anxiety because something breaks. Last, you accidentally doubled the lift on the flaps of a320, among other things. A lot of other things.
Would you please start user acceptance testing before rolling out an update? Or, add customers to UAT to properly test the vast range of systems and configurations against your update? Or… give us the ability to roll back an update so we can deal with your mistakes. I’d rather wait twice as long for an enhancement that doesn’t cause MSFS to become a nightmare.
I’ve been a loyal supporter since the first Flight Simulator. Idk how you aren’t making drastic changes to your process and quality after the 2nd… heck even the 5th mistake. It blows my mind. What do the executives that manage your Microsoft contract say about this disaster? And where has your formal apology to all users gone? Buring it in one post isn’t an apology.
I had to rewrite this 5 times because I’m so angry and tired of your bologna (not the word I’m thinking) . Otherwise I’d violate every forum policy. So let me try this.
Asobo, would you please roll out a hotfix as soon as possible to make MSFS flyable?
Or do you need a profanity laden letter to recognize how upset your customers are?


Nicely written. I especially liked the ending.
I hope you will simply ignore a complaining response from a user who is lucky enough not to have performance degradation issues.

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Does anyone else get the sound stuttering in time with the visuals ?. This is in VR.

Community folder empty. Nothing in there.

RTX 3070, 32gb ram, i5 9600k @ 5ghz, newest GPU drivers, game on M2-ssd

was fine at ultra before doing 30-50, now with medium/high not reaching 30.

that “update” broke the game. Its embarassing for what i payed here. Thats not even alpha state.


Oh those are my favorite. To them I say…
Before you post in a bragging or nagging tone about the issues a lot of people are having… think about how terrifying and saddening it would be if you were in the same boat. U don’t know if the next update will hit you. Then maybe post your sympathy instead of a complaint or user manual about what we must be doing wrong in our configurations.
Please… but I still love my MSFS brothers and sisters.

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Since I have very fast gigabit internet. I have decided to completely uninstall the the sim. I’m reinstalling it right now. Then I’ll test it to see if anything has changed. Worth a try to see if I can get rid of the performance decrease issues. I’ll post my results.