Performance Degradation with Upgrade

Same problem here. Take a look at the picture. :joy:

Today I opened Flight Simulator in DevMod and discovered that the error of loss of framerate, happens when you enter some of these “spheres”.


thats just coincidence. read my previous post.

the problem with this is it removes any synthesized surfaces…i.e. no runways or aprons.

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Right. I’m not saying its a “fix”, moreso that it points to the cause of the problem. Hopefully devs can take that info and provide a fix.

Totally agree. I have absolutely zero mods or add-ons.

Gets worse when I reduce settings. Forces things back to the CPU side from the GPU side. They just need to roll back to prior to this update until they can figure it out. Just my two cents.


Exactly! The issue seems to be far more complex than just changing a few lines of code and pushing out a hotfix. Just let us downgrade (which is actually an update in that case) to the previous version.


I request a refund until this is fixed. Then I’ll repurchase the game. Right now I spent $60 for a worthless piece of garbage.

This is unbelievable. They come out with a bug update and didn’t fix the BIGGEST game breaking bug. They clearly have no f’ing clue what is broken and their little sit down chat where they acted like they had it all fixed was total BS. FIX THE GAME!!! What a bunch of clowns


@thegolfpilot I submitted my request for a refund, and I’ll repurchase the game once the performance is back to the way it was before “Upgrade” Though I’m sure Microsoft is just as busy processing my refund as they are on resolving this problem.


I was super disappointed to see after the update the massive FPS drops after a few months of no problems. Understand they are trying to refine the code to free up resources but there has to be another way to achieve this. Apparently there is approx 30 odd test channels before it hits a live one cant believe this wasn’t picked up ?. Love the sim but hate the anxiety of loading up each time wondering what will happen today

same here!

KLEE airport
any parking spot
all 8 cores of cpu pegged to 100% (windows performance monitor)

startup flight, then exit to menu, I cant go to another airport or reload same airport I was just at, the game will CTD at loading screen.

if I start at any other airport first (so far) it doesnt do it.

EDIT: tried intel stock settings (motherboard stock settings) no difference

I know my overclock is stable, worked fine before latest update.

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Hi. I also got CTD with overclock on. It was working before the update with the same oc settings.

After some test it seams to happen flying in the USA. Tested at CYYZ, CYTR and other (canadian) no issues. Back in the state at KMLB and KSRQ and it happened!! FPS dropped by more than half, can’t even move around the cockpit but slow. It only last a few minutes and the FPS comes back normal again!! Hope this help. Looks to me that it has to do with the USA or other country upgrade. Canada don’t have one right now and no issues, who knows!

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Happens in Europe as well.

My sim went from mostly beautifully smooth to UNUSABLE when I updated today. The D*mned welcome/UI screens are even laggy… In the cockpit? Forget it… Constant stops and pauses… Have to hover over a switch or knob for a second or two until the functionality catches up. I did not change a single setting. All I did was update the sim last night… This is getting old. Fast.


I too have had a massive preformance drop with the latest build, which i’d just done a fresh install a day before the update was released (i thought that would help).

Normally i’d see 40/50 fps and now its dropped to 20 with frequent stuttering around 10 fps.

Frequently, the main menu part also has crazy drops in FPS from 160 fps to 10.

I have nothing in my community folder but I have purchased a lot of content from the official store.
i9 9900 5ghz
ASUS tuf RTX 3090
32Gb ram
M.2 1GB eNVM

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Thank you very much for posting the problem with 76T! This information helped me to reproduce your problem. I didn’t doubt that you had a problem. It is much easier to troubleshoot a problem that can be reproduced. Also, when a fix is delivered 76T should be the first thing tested.

Last Wednesday I opened a Zendesk ticket about the FPS dramatically dropping due to a memory leak I found. The ticket status is “OPEN” when means that someone one is looking at it. It looks like the FPS tanking at 76T is the same memory leak problem. I’m still diving into the Windows memory information I’ve collected.

Have you opened a ticket with Zendesk? If not I will append the info I’ve collected about 76T to my ticket.

I have no status on any possible fix or fix date but I will update you as soon as I hear anything. I put in my ticket that this problem should be the highest priority because it cripples MSFS


I found a paradise in Bahamas (Nassau) where the sim works perfect as before this horrible patch, I’ve heard that New Zealand should be a great place for trouble free flying also, anyone that can give more tip on safe places?