Performance Degradation with Upgrade

hi all I disabled and deleted all cache, including rolling. I have gigabit internet so I do not need it anyway. afterwards i noticed the stuttering is greatly reduced. I do notice some dips at busy areas like JFk but nothing major anymore. wondering if this is a fluke or anyone also has had luck with this. overall the load times are also faster without cache for me.

AMD 5600x

It will also recover if you do absolutely nothing at all…

Just try takeoff from 76T, rwy 34 and let us know. I’ve all caches turned off all the time, but still massive stutters (100% cases are location dependent and reproducable). Fast cable internet, i7 10700K, 32GB RAM, RTX2070S and MVME SSD.

Out of curiosity: do these terrain bombs still affect the sim with DevMode|Options|Terrain|Draw on Terrain unticked?

So I tried 76T, 2 FPS sim lock-up had to use Task Manager to get out of FS. I hope Asobo get that just because peolple have not reporterd the issue does not mean it is isolated to the people who have. I would say for every person who has reported or posted there is another load who have done neither.
P.S Strangly I have found Ireland one of the places in the last update pretty good to fly in (but there wasnt much changed added in Ireland despite the title of the Update)

I just did the same thing a few minutes ago and the same for me. Alt F4 to quit. GPU was at about 6%, CPU 20ish %, only 13mb of ram used out of 32 and a FR of 2. Couldn’t even escape out of it.

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Same here…

hi folks here are my observations for what they are worth , im running a acer predator helios 300 gaming laptop, with 16gb ram and NVidia 2060 graphics card… turn the clock back a couple of weeks i was averaging 20 plus fps on high settings. BUT my temp would range from 65 to well into the 80’s , so i was forced to limit my cpu power to 97% to keep the temps below 70…but i was happy with what i had, then after the last update its all stutter and stop and 10 fps and unusable …BUT I noticed the temp never hits 60 degree. stays mid 50s and thats me overclocking the graphics card to extreme setting.

2 hours ago i upped the ram and went from 16gb to 32 gb …this is what ive noticed …fps improved slightly to 12fps at worst up to early 20’s making it nearly useable again… the temperature def is still staying down in the mid 50’s . this is telling me that the cpu is def not having to work as hard as before but in asobos tweaks they have maybe gone too far and frame rates have suffered in the process.

Anyone ever have a look at their UserCfg.opt file and notice what I noticed? I never changed one of these settings manually. Monitor 0 Windowed 1 Fullscreen borderless 1. Now I did change it, Monitor 1 Windowed 0 Fullscreen borderless 0 I am getting wicked framerates on an rtx 3090, getting really toasty too with gpu being the limiting factor. Using a high LOD too. Still ■■■■ at 76T and similar locations, but I was able to get back to the menu easily. Is it only mine? Because it seemed like it was rendering all 3 at the same time how smooth I am now. Meaning rendering windowed, fullscreen borderless, and fullscreen at the same time. major load came off my cpu

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0 = no, Off
1 = yes, On

I think there were 2 running at the same time.

I don’t know what “monitor” means.
Maybe someone will reply.

MrTonySM Original

Monitor 0
Windowed 1
Fullscreen Borderless 1

MrTonySM New

Monitor 1
Windowed 0
Fullscreen Borderless 0

Ron S Original

Monitor 0
Windowed 1
Fullscreen Borderless 0

Monitor is a screen.


But are the other 2 not “screen”?

I run “windowed” but it still displays on my screen (monitor) (TCL 65 inch TV).

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my monitor was set to zero and worked, these settings are locked in by the sim and it will keep changing it back. I had to make the file read only to load as my new config. MSFSRonS you read correctly, that is how I adjusted. This is not at all a fix for the main bug. I do think that is the case, think it was displaying more than once.

I am sure the folks at Decatur, TX (Bishop Airport) are very happy that finally someone put them on a map. They are world famous now! 8)


Same problem for me. Minimum 7 FPS drop after the update.

I don’t understand how a multi-billion dollar company can offer a pig game! and poorly optimized like that.

A Microsoft product !! that runs on the microsoft system !! and is full of downtime issues to downlod for the flight experience.

I have a more powerful processor than my video card (10700k all 5.1 colors and a super gtx1660) and even it says that I am being limited by the main limit, and even with the preset graphics set below I can’t get more than 20 fps for him to say that I am limited to the mainthred.

from what I understand, this simulator has the same problem as everyone else! overloads 1 core generating a violet bottleneck, which is why even a 3090 (without the current bug) has a hard time achieving higher frame rates.

Seriously asobo, I know you are working so hard, but will it be possible to stop launching perfumes for now ??? and focus on the problems to be solved ?? we don’t want world updates now, because we can’t even have a fluid game experience, bad aircraft are no longer enough …

my fear is that this project will have the same fate as fsx, be abandoned by micerosoft and play the moths.


I agree. I had a fast, stable, smooth, absolutely no stuttering / pausing, sim experience prior to update 3 on a brand new system built for this. When the CPU usage shoots up, the sim becomes pretty much unflyable for those times. Hurry up with a fix, rollback, or something.


There is a work-around for 76T (and probably other low FPS scenarios).

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Hmmm. That is interesting. I’ll give it a try.

I can’t understand why users can’t accept the fact that Flight Simulation
is a complex and taxing simulation to program and develop.

Has any other company done it better?

Not FSX, DCS or any other company has brought us
a “Sim” like FS2020 has.

You’re lucky to be getting the 20 FPS with your Super GTX1660.

Maybe that “more powerful processor” is waiting for that “Super GTX 1660”
to finish its tasks. It cannot outrun the GPU.

Replace the GTX 1660 with a RTX 3080 and watch the FPS increase.

Good. You have saved me $1500 USD. I don’t need a 3090.

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