Performance Degradation with Upgrade

Well, dagnabit…this actually works! Tried two different areas so far that I know to be problematic. I’m getting 48-52 fps with full 4K Ultra. Smooth, no pausing or stutter as of yet.

This makes no sense! But it works.

I didn’t open the scenery editor like suggested. Just closed and didn’t save the project.

ok im salt

So sitting on the ground you opened Dev mode and started a new project, closed the project and did not save it correct? Will it persist through an entire route?

man as soon as I set up my setup I exceed 45 fps with graphics set high on the fs2020, for the multibillion dollar company defender, the problem is they are not my computer but the software.

and I don’t have to thank you for having 20 fps, I composed a fs2020 a not a fs2004 your comment doesn’t make any sense

I can simulate 40fps in preapr 3d with pmdg and 30 more adons running in the background


I opened the old airport project while the flight was loading. I didn’t close it, just minimized the Project window.

replace with a 3080 ??? today i helped a friend who has an i910900k and a 3090 and he couldn’t get past 23 fps even with all the low graphics options, are you sure the problem is the graphics card or the company you’re trying to defend from?


I tried out about 6 of my marked locations for “terrain bombs” and found the following:

  1. Turning off “Draw on Terrain” does not eliminate the localized FPS drop phenomena. All 6 locations exhibited the stuttering frame per second loss as before. However there was some kind of effect.
  2. Three of the locations were right next to airports, and three were in areas with only autogen objects and no observable drawn onto terrain type objects/polygons.
  3. The intensity of the stuttering/FPS loss followed the following general intensity:
    Draw on Terrain (ON) - 45fps → enter terrain bomb area → 20-22fps stuttering → leave terrain bomb area–> 45fps.
    Draw on Terrain (Off) 45fps → enter terrain bomb area → 24-28fps stuttering → leave terrain bomb area–> 45fps.

So in short, no they are still there. Some of them are just as bad, some slightly better, all of them having pretty much the same general qualities as far as location, size and effect. only severity is slightly reduced, but not nearly enough to be considered elminated.

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No. Don’t get me wrong. It is definitely still there and needs to be fixed. For me this procedure is just a way to make the sim flyable for now. I was getting drops down to 13 FPS with an old time slide show. So far that’s not happening on my system in some of those areas now. But you are right. There definitely is a problem because of this last update.

I have an almost indentical setup hardware and monitor wise and and it’s at it’s knees after this new update.

Well, I kept calm for a few days to see how things develop, but my frustration level keeps rising.
I don’t understand the inner workings of this piece of software and that’s not my job. I am a simple user. A paying user. So all I can report is my user experience.
My user experience was fine until world update 3. No matter where in the world my flights took me, the performance was only limited by my GPU which was always utilized at 98-99%; giving me 50 FPS at normal flight levels. Even on the ground at detailed airports, I was getting more than 35 FPS.
This has changed dramatically.

I just flew from EDDF to EDDM. Starting at 30 FPS in Frankfurt, GPU usage kept dropping and dropping and dropping to 10-20%, giving me less than 10 FPS at 8000 ft in a Grand Caravan. At the same time, RAM usage went up to 29 GB and stayed there until I finally had to abort the flight after FPS dropped to 2-3 FPS. I did this exact same flight before world update 3 and my RAM was never above 16 GB.

For me, the sim is unusable right now. I have tried every single “fix” discussed in this and other threads. Nothing helped.
It’s not up to me to fix this, it’s up to Asobo / Microsoft. I am very p****d and disappointed.

Ryzen 3900XT
RTX 3060 TI
32 GB RAM 3600 MHz
Samsung 980 Pro SSD
100 Mbps Connection

Should be enough for running this piece of s**t, uhmm, software.


It seems there are more than one cause for the FPS drop. So we have 2 or more issues.


I understand and feel your anger. And it is deserved.

FS2020 would be nothing if there were no Flight Simulation fans.

I am trying to remain positive.

I would like to think that ASOBO made an attempt with some
ground breaking change to FS2020 with V per their testing.

It just came back to bite them.

Now, they can abandon their hope and revert the update which I have seen on these threads as “dumbing down” FS2020.

Or, they can try to analyze the program to determine what fix is needed.

Maybe, we should give them time.

I think this long wait for a “fix” is a sign of how massive
it is to bring a “fix”.

Anyway, I want to be positive.

Maybe the reason is that I can still fly FS2020 although
at a lower FPS.

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Case in point, the bug at 76T, causes a slow down of GPU usage, while the other areas I test for known localized terrain bombs all have usage go down AND CPU usage spikes to near 100% which is not sustainable from a heat standpoint in my system. Using the solution posted above, turning on the Senery Editor at the start of a flight seems to “fix” the problem as far as i can detect on system graphs and FPS counters.

Nice approach. :+1:
Were you a customer service staff instructor?

Well , VeryOldPilot, since I don’t know what a “customer service staff instructor”
is, I might have been (or am) one.

I’m just a positive “customer service staff instructor”, I guess.

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I was trying the workaround and found out that, if I have the Project Editor window open, I gain 30 FPS.
So I can fly with everything on Ultra at more than 100 FPS.
If I collapse it, I lose 30 FPS. I don’t see any change on screen.
I’m still confused on why such things are happening…

EDIT: Looks like Geforce Experience is displaying wrong information. Numbers don’t match the one from the Show FPS option in the Dev Menu. Mistery solved I guess.


For the scenery editor workaround, how can I fly after I open it? Could someone help please?

At 76T, my FPS jumped from 2fps to 50fps with a 3600 + RTX 3070, defo looks to have worked, but now I can’t figure out how to fly :joy:

Even when I get decent frame rates (not using the 76T fix) I am seeing a sort of “sluggishness” and lack of smoothness in the glass cockpit.

Not sure why.


I had the same issue.

Check to see if you are in developer camera / slew mode (Camera Menu > Developer Camera).

Also you may be in slew (Y) mode.

Please everyone add your vote to the wish list for a separate beta channel here:

Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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