Performance difference - Bush Challenge vs World Map

I really enjoy the bush challenges and spend much of my time there. Now I have noticed that I get about 10 FPS better performance when flying free in the World Map then I do when doing a bush challenge. Same plane, same locale, same altitude but it’s about 35 FPS in World Map but 25 FPS when in the bush challenge. Does anyone know how I can get the same performance when flying in a bush challenge? Thanks.


Since there was no response, let me ask if anyone else notices this issue?


I also noticed the same thing when I created my first Bush trip. The more POIs there are, the lower the FPS. In my tour there are more than 250 points: to make it playable I had to divide it into 4 parts. Seems like a simulator problem.

I started this round the world bush trip that I downloaded from recently and the stuttering, momentary pauses and low FPS were driving me crazy! I did everything I could think of to eliminate or lessen the issues I was having to no avail. Finally, I started the flight at the same airport outside of the bush flight and my FPS was back and no stuttering. The culprit had to be the many, many POI’s that were in the trip as you suggested. Guess I’ll have to do the trip outside of the bush trip and make my own flight plans copying the bush trip. It’s too bad though cuz there were some really nice voice narrations that the developer put in. I was using the PMDG DC-6 also which put a strain on my system anyway.