Performance drop after latest Hotfix

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After latest hotfix to, I’ve seen a performance drop from 35FPS to 25FPS and lower. GPU is being utilised about 33% (lower than previous version) and moving head in cockpit gives a awful movement due to low frames.
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Load the sim and use the A320 Neo etc
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3700x, 3070 OC, 32GB 3200mhz RAM, NVME SSD
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Today have been seeing 20-30% GPU utilisation on the ground, and 30-40% in the air with 28 to 38FPS from ground to cruise in the FBW A320NX but not as smooth as previously. Using 5.4GB VRAM.

Flight starts smooth until after pushback and engine start at Gatwick, UK (EGKK). Then stays same during rest of flight.

Using High-End settings, MP, Live Traffic and Weather.

Before this update was seeing 60% GPU utilisation, smooth, still 35FPS.

I was having the same problem, and I’m pretty sure I’ve figured it out. It’s the photogrammetry. My first flight always gives me flawless performance in just about any part of the world. My second flight, since a couple of updates ago, was always at half the performance if not worse. For poos and smiles, I turned the photogrammetry off then back on just after I loaded my second flight. WHAM!!! Exactly the performance I’m used to. Try it. Turn it off, save, back on, save, and fly.

3900X, 2080 ti, 64g RAM, w/mostly ultra settings aside from the cockpit glass