Performance drop when I add ground traffic

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Brief description of the issue:
When flying over Seattle I have a 50fps without stutters with turned off all traffic but when I set road traffic to 5-10 my fps is still 50 but I have stutters and this made flying impossible also if I add ground aircraft make big stutters.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
As I said it’s when I add road traffic or ground airplanes.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)
I7 9700f
2x4gb 2400mhz ram
Gtx 1660s

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Hello everyone,

I am quite happy with the performance recently with my RTX 2060, i7 10700K and 32 GB RAM.

Only thing I notice is the FPS drops just before the landing. Furthermore, when I am approaching to the runway, for a second the game completely freezes and I see the ground aircraft are appeared. Other than that, I am completely fine with the performance based on my settings. Does anyone else have this kind of issue and have a proper solution ?

Thanks a lot everyone!

Note: This FPS problem won’t occur if I disable all traffic.

Have you tried disabling virtualization in your MB bios?


I just disabled all “ground aircraft” but the traffic (multiplayer and realtime) is enabled. This way the stutters are less pronounced even if it means that the aprons are mostly empty.

Also make sure to set the generic models for AI traffic to ON, this is less heavy on the system.

No I haven’t. I don’t really wanna alter anything in BIOS unless it’s critical, but thanks a lot for your suggestion I really appreciate it ! :slight_smile:

I’d accept if it occured at cruise but during the landing this is so annoying and I don’t want to see a lonely airport :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestion though! :slight_smile:

I keep seeing this suggestion but I have yet to see any reasoning for it or realistically quantified results?

I use VMs in my work quite a lot, so would not be able to have this turned off all the time, but if there is genuine benefit, I am happy to toggle it off, when possible.

However, I am dubious as to how, why, or even when this is supposed to improve anything? Every time I see it mentioned, it is in this same manner - a casual suggestion with no further details.

I am definitely NOT saying this doesn’t work (and hopefully someone will point to some valid evidence that it does) but I am sceptical as I can not see any viable way for virtualisation to affect the performance of MSFS - unless they are sandboxing processes to protect the main thread or some other dubious practice?


I am happy you mention that I was feeling alone !
I have what looks to be the same issue but I did not relate it to displaying traffic on the ground.
I will also try to check if disabling all traffic helps.
Thanks so much for reporting that.

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To me that solves the issue I hope it solves for you as well(at least for now), I have tested more than 10 flights already including EDDF or LFPO with FBW A32X which in my case is the most FPS reducer add-on.

I also have a considerable frame drop with ground aircraft density = 100. I haven’t tried the option of disabling virtualisation in the BIOS because I need it all the time but that sounds to me like it could be fixable if that makes much difference. In any case, they might consider using simpler aircraft models for traffic (but they may already do so?) In any case, there is no real reason why a simple aircraft model should create much more workload than cars or other ground objects.

I locked my fps to 40, I almost have no problems after the performance update and my fps is almost at 40 most of the time. But whenever I increase ground vehicle traffic (even 30% or so), it kills my fps. but without ground traffic, the sim looks so empty.
what are you doing dealing with this situation?

9700k, rtx3070, 32gb ram, 2k monitor.

I’m on i9-9900K, RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB RAM 4K TV.

And I set my Ground Aircraft Density to 100%, and I still get 30 fps.

that’s quite impressive. yesterday i landed to ksfw and my fps killed because of traffic. I think i need low res ai planes instead of default high poly airbuses

I’ve already disabled the low-poly generic traffic and forced the sim to use the Airbus as the only traffic model.

that’s even more weird

Not really that weird. I’m sure your system might prefer one model to load, than 12 different ones. The same would go for every other model loaded. Like fuel trucks, buses, baggage trucks etc.
I’m having a rough choice picking between which to see more of, ai traffic, or the airport “litter” .

I am no expert but i am not sure it is better to load same very high poly model x15 times than loading low poly 15 different models.
when I play dcs world, when I add multiple same units, assume playable f-18’s, my fps decreases. But when I add low poly AI f-18’s and other AI planes, my fps stays much better.

depends how the game is designed. if they are actually loaded separately, or if they are instances. The same way trees, grass, and bushes are copied. Xplane just switched their AI over to that method Just last summer, it made a huge difference.

Is there anyway for asosbo to improve the performance of AI traffic, sort of like how Xplane handles Ai traffic?