Performance hotfix possibly arriving today

My desktop will only do 20, but I was getting 30-40 on my laptop, I figured it was because one has ssd and the other is nme2.

“While this fix may not address all performance related issues we believe this patch will help many of you get back to flying” Oh oh…

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I think the ‘fix’ will simply force everyone to fly at a resolution of 480p…

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Hmmm I just looked at that and it didnt really sound like the problems Im having or so many others…well tomorow will tell I guess…

@Coogan, good thing I still have the ega card laying around woohoo 16 colors …

Na the fix will be “so we know many of you are having FPS issues so to fix that we’ve put a limit of 20 frames per second!”


Their already doing that … unless they do it for those snooty ‘Works for me People’ to 20 fps then okay :rofl:

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" Performance optimizations when flying close to large airports" Not heard once here on the forums since SU3. While nice in general, I hope the random stutter areas are being adressed.

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I wasn’t flying near a large airport but at Lugano on the ground taxying and FPS dropped to 4 fps, twice at the same place. Like crossing a boundary that triggers a dataload.


Yep. Me neither. Still gotten those area stutters.
Anybody know when the hotfix will be available for download?

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If the fix dont work tomorrow, I say we meet in New York (hmmm maybe somewhere further south) goto France to the Asobo offices and protest until this gets resolved for all concerned…

Disclaimer: BubbaBlitz doesnt really think this it is meant as humor, tickets to France will be available in the outer lobby after the show.


Asobo - darned if you, darned if you don’t - You have my sympathies folks, the mob’s real fickle tonight. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Don’t forget to back up your community folder FIRST in case the official hotfix/update breaks something in there

I went back through the posts and have been unable to find any reference to “whiney” or “brat”.
I did reread a few discussions about what “the team” could have done differently. I am not seeing any consensus. I found some questions asking your opinion as to what schedule of updates should be followed and what the updates should include. Other than an ‘all of the above answer’ you really haven’t offered any alternatives.

This has been a very civil thread as far as discussion threads go. Maybe we can avoid backhanded, veiled aspersions and keep it that way.

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Read with humour

NEWSFLASH (from Asobo maybe)
Update (maybe hotfix) Incoming (maybe)

My Preparation Checklist:
Community Folder emptied - Check
Forum popcorn ready - Check
Rolling Cache deleted - Check
Anti-stress / memories revisited videos playlist ready - Check
e.g. The Most Beautiful Woodstock 1969 Photos Ever Captured - YouTube
Enough disk space available - Check
Grill/steaks/lamb curry/drinks ready - Check
Anti-stress / memories revisited music playlist ready - Check
e.g. Vietnam War Music - Satifaction - YouTube

I sympathise with fellow simmer who are too young to have had the opportunity of enduring 3 days of crowds, rain, too little food and water - but a lot of mud - at an Aquarium Exposition.
A visit to Bethel in the sim is recommended. Close to KMSV airport.

I sympathise with fellow simmers who had to enjoy the best music ever, not in Bethel, but in Vietnam.
Stay friendly and happy flying.

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Semper Fi, Go with God.

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Fickle? No. Maybe ungaslightable. Where I come from, you don’t get a trophy for fixing your own screw up.


They release a patch after problems are reported.




“Oh, Captain… my Captain,” what would be your cockpit announcement to get the sim’s “experts” to the cockpit to solve this apparently unsolvable engine fire?

Would you abandon your professional training, the aircraft’s published emergency procedures, your level D practice for exactly this emergency, your instincts based on years of experience, the hours and hours of “hangar” flying this scenario with other pilots — perhaps even critiquing the actions of pilots who had actually survived a mid-flight engine fire?

Yeah, yeah, I know all about your impressive credentials and many posts helping others to understand aviation. And while I can’t find even one post that any real pilot has disagreed with from an aviation standpoint — and while you have many likes from other pilots, that doesn’t mean you know about aviation, flight models, and IFR flying than someone who is not a real pilot but has been simming for 20 years on a laptop or desktop computer.


Willis is one of the rare, experienced, knowledgeable, [old], helpful, trustworthy, mostly objective, real pilots in this forum.

You are missing out on learning from a valuable resource if you diminish or disregard what he has to say.

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The latest blog post states a hotfix will arrive tomorrow, March 26th. Please direct all comments on the latest blog discussion post here: Discussion: March 25th, 2021 Development Update - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Thanks :slight_smile: