Performance hotfix possibly arriving today

Fickle? No. Maybe ungaslightable. Where I come from, you don’t get a trophy for fixing your own screw up.


They release a patch after problems are reported.




“Oh, Captain… my Captain,” what would be your cockpit announcement to get the sim’s “experts” to the cockpit to solve this apparently unsolvable engine fire?

Would you abandon your professional training, the aircraft’s published emergency procedures, your level D practice for exactly this emergency, your instincts based on years of experience, the hours and hours of “hangar” flying this scenario with other pilots — perhaps even critiquing the actions of pilots who had actually survived a mid-flight engine fire?

Yeah, yeah, I know all about your impressive credentials and many posts helping others to understand aviation. And while I can’t find even one post that any real pilot has disagreed with from an aviation standpoint — and while you have many likes from other pilots, that doesn’t mean you know about aviation, flight models, and IFR flying than someone who is not a real pilot but has been simming for 20 years on a laptop or desktop computer.


Willis is one of the rare, experienced, knowledgeable, [old], helpful, trustworthy, mostly objective, real pilots in this forum.

You are missing out on learning from a valuable resource if you diminish or disregard what he has to say.

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The latest blog post states a hotfix will arrive tomorrow, March 26th. Please direct all comments on the latest blog discussion post here: Discussion: March 25th, 2021 Development Update - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Thanks :slight_smile: