Performance in the Arctic Region

On a Group Flight from EGNO Station Nord (available with navigraph) to Alert in Northern Canada, we found that performance is less than in other regions.
In most regions I would get somewhere around 55 - 60 FPS, but in the Arctic Region it is around 40 - 45. Which is still OK, but there seem to be more micro stutters in the Arctic Region as well.
One big difference is that in the Arctic Region, the simulator seems to be loading generic textures on the ground all the time, and only in the area of the aircraft.
I got the impression that this texture loading has a pretty big impact on the performance.

PC specs:
Ryzen 5600X
GPU 6900XT
32GB Ram
no overclock
4K display
400mb line

So to test more, I tried to fly around Svalbard. The ICAO code is ENSB.
This airport seems to have some performance issues as well, but not related to the airport itself. When you go there, you’ll notice this same texture loading a little further away from the aircraft which seems to impact the fps and causes stutters.

While 40 FPS is still perfectly fine, the stutters in the arctic area are more annoying. I understand there is not much data available for this region, but working on the performance on the texture loading would be good.