Performance issues - low GPU/CPU usage

dear fellow wannabe pilots,

the Flight Simulator doesn’t seem to even touch my CPU/GPU. The game is running at a maximum of 24FPS on lowest settings, the same performance is achieved on ultra settings. I first got frustrated because even GeForce Experience recommended me to lower the settings to a mix of low and medium. My last spark of hope is the low GPU/CPU usage I noticed. My components don’t seem to use more than 30% of power. Do you have an idea how to mobilize maximum power of my CPU/GPU to maybe get better results?
Edit: It’s telling me in Dev-Mode when FPS-Screen is enabled “Limited by MainThread” - no idea what that means.

I may have to accept, that I need to replace my setup - some of you know better, tell me:

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB

AMD Ryzen 7 1800x 3.6GHz (OC’d to 4GHz)


installed on HDD

If you need more information, ask me. Thank you :slight_smile:


I am also experiencing the same issues. Since release but trying to fix the issue but to no avail. This must be the most demanding game I’ve ever experienced if this is not a bug.

I7 8750 4.1GHZ
GTX 1070 8GB


I have exactly the same issue.

Mostly noticeable in airliners. However for me it is hovering at around 28-30fps. This is the same whether I use Ultra or Low - it doesn’t make a difference, they stay the same.

Oddly CPU utilisation and GPU utilisation sit at around 40% yet game dev counter suggests it is limited by main thread (CPU).

i7 10700k
Rtx 2080 super
32gb Ram
Installed on SSD

I am convinced there is something odd going on under the hood!!


Exact same problem. No matter the settings, 30fps capped…

Same issues GTX 1080 I7 4770 24GB RAM.

Similar issues. According to dev mode I’m limited on the Main Thread?
Never goes above 25fps for me, regardless of graphics settings.

If you have Vsync enabled, there’s a bug with the frame rate cap in the graphics settings menu where it sets the cap at half of the value selected, forex if you select 60fps it will cap at 30.

I still ned to try it, I’m running a GX 1060 6GB and I’m capped around 30 FPS with custom settings.
But perhaps turn off V-sync? V-sync has always caused issues like this since it’s inception.

V-Sync is deactivated.

I Have the same issue with R7 1800X , GTX 1080 ti, and 32gb ram with 3440x1440. Is it regular?

Oddly enough, I got the “Limited by CPU” tag to go away by upgrading to an M.2 SSD. I think the amount of data the game is trying to read may be an issue in some cases.

wow, I actually ordered one yesterday. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to try it out

I’m using m2 970’s. 1x for windows and 1x for msfs. But still after the last update my hardware 10900k and asus 3090oc strix is not utilized. Max gpu is around 10-20%.
CPU is max 30%.

All settings ultra.

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i experienced the same , its not even touching the hardware and im capped at 20 or lower. Thats frustrating