Performance. Just a thought

Three words just came to my mind.
Depleted thermal paste.

I just opened my 1080ti and cpu and it was less off a paste and more of a crust.

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I’m thinking about replacing thermal paste soon. I built my PC earlier this year, but it was a stock cooler with pre-applied paste. I’m not sure how well it performs or holds up. Took me a few attempts to get the fan on properly anyways!

well easy to find out.

install a hardware monitoring tool and check your temperatur.

if you see high spikes and a lose in frequency during the spikes, then you probably have a temp problem.

Otherwise I don’t see how this is affecting the performance.

Machine definitely gets warm. But I think it never came to me that THIS could be the reason.

The question is whether the CPU or GPU is throttling down because of high temps.

if that’s the case then your tipp “check your thermal paste” is valid :wink:

Couldn’t say it any better than Beginner314.

Good advice.

I‘m not a dude who knows a WHOLE lot about PCs. I usually don’t run any programs to check things like that.
But yesterday I noticed how warm it‘ gotten the past few months under the desk when gaming :joy:
Also I really don’t know if my performance is good or bad, given all these different experiences across the userbase. But I’m definitely eager to see if something changes.
Thanks for the replies anyways!