Performance Moving from 9th Gen to 12th Gen

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While I have not yet sat down with the developer FPS window open to scientifically tell the amount of difference, I can say that without a doubt the upgrade from a 9th gen i7 to the new 12-700k is incredible. I did also upgrade a 3070 to a 3080.

At LAS scenery with the FBW, the 9th gen i7 / 3070 was just about brought to its knees even with many of the tweaks found on these forums. The FPS were smooth and were in the low-mid 20’s, just about to where you could tell the slightly slower frames on approach and feel the sluggishness.

Setting up again at LAS with the FBW, the 12th gen i7 / 3080 rocks and rolls smooth as butter. I cannot feel the sluggishness at all and even panning the camera around is much, much smoother!

Flying on Ultra everything with LOD 200. With the old rig, I had my LOD at 160/100 (T/O). Coming in to Auckland this evening was amazing, the sim looked so real, and what felt like worlds beyond my old rig.

I’ll try to do some benchmarking later on, but I am almost afraid to as I am sure the performance gains aren’t anything near what I’m “feeling”. In some ways, I like the simplicity of if it feels good, just roll with it. This, instead, of constantly tweaking and re-tweaking until another night has long gone by.

I hope this may help anyone wondering if it was worth it to upgrade from 9th gen to 12th gen (and granted a 3080 card coming up from a 3070).


Thx mate love for that!

Thanks for the info. I agree, no need to go chasing the FPS number like some seem so obsessed with. It’s all about the experience from my perspective. What would be interesting in the longer term is if this upgrade made any difference to your CTD frequency. Enjoy.

I can almost guarantee you that going from a 256-bit memory interface GPU to a 384-bit card had far more to do with your improvements than changing your CPU to one that MSFS has absolutely no way to take advantage of any of it’s advanced features.


So far just 1 random one.

All - Although the referenced video I quoted is about XP12 (separate post on video, search for it), the discussion is about the hardware specifications based on Intel I-7-12XXXK cores, Nvidia 3000 series cards and DDR4 versus DDR5 memory. The discussion has some bearing on this SIM, because of the OP’s statements. He is enjoying a robust increase of satisfaction with the smoothness of the sim for him.

Again, this depends on how you fly, if GA and below 10,000agl, your scenery load is going to be high, and especially if using busy airports for takeoff and landing. If using less graphical intense settings, i.e., less busy takeoff and landing locations the load will be less. I generally try to use medium places for my planes mostly C-17 Freeware and the DC Designs F-14. I practice at PMDY, and KMGE. one is almost deserted the other is in the airspace of the busiest AP in the world KATL. I never get stutters, CTD’s as a rule.

Since SU8, temps have been lower, but did some Nvidia Control Tweaks from a fellow (it was 8 months old) nevertheless, I knocked 12C off my GPU from my gaming laptop - Intel i7-9750; Nvidia RTX 2070; 32GB system ram. 1tTB SSD as C. It has run this game mostly flawlessly since release. Not that there have not been issues. I have most everything set to medium, except for Cockpit and Glass Cockpits set to high. I also believe, although cannot prove it, selling my Bravo Throttle and going with the Virpil TM3 has also made difference. Somehow the Honeycomb seemed to make it work harder. Other than those things nothing else changed. SU8 was a vast improvement over previous update. They still have a long way to go.

FWIW-My next upgrade is going to be a larger monitor but want the one thinking about to get better reviews before I take the plunge, a solid good firmware update might make it a “get it now” but have not seen that happen yet. I can wait. Next year atter summer, might upgrade to a new Desktop Gamer Machine, but got to win lottery first, as think prices are going through the roof before I take plunge.

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So I finally gained the courage to open developer mode and explore the FPS. I like to set my performance based on a few airports ranging from FlyTampa Las Vegas to something simpler like Flightbeam Milan. By far, the A32NX is still the main culprit when it comes to a performance hit, so I also compared with my CRJ.

In very unscientific terms, I have at least 1.75x the FPS at busier airports I was getting with my previous setup. I can also set my LODs and graphics settings, including rendering, higher. Much higher than before. One of the better notes is that the A32NX keeps up with me much better when I pan my view and/or go check out the EFB. It is much smoother overall.

Where there isn’t much detail and I’m a bit higher in altitude, the performance difference narrows until it’s a tie, but again with much higher settings overall.

With the i7 9th gen and a 3070, being GPU limited worked very well and it seemed easier to configure this way as the i7-9700k couldn’t keep pace. I noticed less change and a bit more frustration trying to configure a i7-12700k and 3080. It seemed the CPU and GPU both were affecting by my LOD and render setting tweaks. I finally found a happy medium and maybe that means it could be a more balanced overall system.

Again, hope this helps in the most unscientific ways possible!

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