Performance Optimization: Discussion from 3/10/21 Dev Q&A

Hi all,

I found the DEVs response to the question around performance optimization really unclear. Were they suggesting they’ve made substantial improvements in the many branch versions they are working on internally which haven’t been rolled out yet or that we should see the better chunk of these optimizations already?

As an example: Jorgg mentioned the optimizations haven’t been rolled out yet though Seb said when we see degradation of performance its because of optimizations made.

I think they were describing the overall process, and how it’s ongoing. I sensed that the degradation comes from glitches that emerge when things get merged and go live. So, in other words, the code is more-optimized, but the changes need to be implemented better?

There are certainly a lot of newish performance issues that they’re still discovering following the latest update. They were just starting to figure them out, and it seems like it’s quite the tangle.

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