Performance Tanking Su15 after short period

Hi All,

Updated to SU15 only just now as I have been away and performance seems to degrade massively after a short period of time.

Frames tanks to about 15 FPS. I have tried both on standard airports and 3rd party airports.

Aircraft used PMDG 777 and 737.

I9 11900k
32GB ram

Has something changed settings wise as it’s not unplayable for me sadly?

Look forward to your advice and feedback


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For me it’s not flyable anymore, with my terrain lod and object lod set at 10 both I still get only 30 FPS and so I can’t fly on vatsim anymore without getting 15 fps, I do not run ai traffic and I tested my fps at asobo’s default LHR

My systems are

32GB ram
Rtx 4070
Intel i7-11700

How can I make my msfs flyable again?


Do people recommend DX11 or 12 for Su15?

Try DX11 and see. Dx12 for me hurts performance massively when landing. It’s smoother than 11 I would say but the stutters if you do t have the the VRAM make it unbearable.

Funnily enough, DX12 was fine before the last update to SU15 and worked fine during the beta.

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