When you add/install a ton of addons, will that harm the pc performance? I`v have read that some of the addons fx Scenary-Helsinki (freeware) eat a lot of FPS. Or is it the ammount of installed oddons that kills Pc-permance? THX.

It’s likely the add-on itself that could cause performance issues. It depends how optimized the addon is. Having a lot of well optimized add-ons should not kill performance. But having just a few “bad” or incompatible add-ons can cause performance and stability issues.

At current state just be careful with what addons you enable. Just because a new addon is out doesn’t mean you have to install it.

Microsoft has made it easy to add/remove addons with the community folder.

I personally remove all add-ons after every patch update and then I add one by one and test to make sure it is working ok. There have been add-ons that did not work after patch update so right now, with the new sim, everything is trial and error.

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long lists of addons will increase the time before the game actually launches (it’s indexing all those folders).

Also I agree with the user above; every mod/addon can cause issues with each patch, and since the game is patched quite frequently, I keep it to a minimum myself.
We already have a whole world to explore, I personally don’t feel the need to add on a lot of custom scenery for a long while.

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