Periodic black out with HP Reverb G2

No i don’t now, maybe someone on reddit knows.

Yes, I think the solution, if there is a solution, I have a better chance of finding it on reddit

That’ll be because HP are absolutely atrocious at everything.

So the first firmware update in 6 months and it fixes just this one issue? lol.

Another solution to random blackouts… uncoil the main cable. I had the excess cable nicely coiled up on the floor next to me which would cause random blackouts lasting a few seconds… followed by tiny rainbow sparkles visible in a dark scene. Laying the cable out in such a way it doesn’t cross over itself completely solves this issue.


Internet Explorer? Do people still use that? I don’t even have it installed on my computer. Firmware update is available from the official HP support site see this post. Works just fine and can even be accessed through edge :slight_smile:

I’m a bit late to this topic but I’m also getting the blackout on my G2 starting this week.

For me, the device has worked flawlessly since I got it in early January. I’d been using it at all volume levels on both MSFS and Elite Dangerous. I kept reading threads about people having problems and I was wondering what it was all about - until this week!

All of a sudden, I started getting the same periodic blackouts (both eyes simultaneously) and when it came back, I’d get the horizontal flash of ‘sparks’ that so many other people have reported. This happens equally in MSFS and Elite Dangerous.

I’ve tried all the suggestions: unplug and replug, change USB slots, changed the volume levels, installed the new firmware, straightened the cable on the floor etc - but the issue persists randomly. I get sparks, then a blackout then back to vision and sparks again. I might only blackout once a session but it is annoying.

Hopefully they sort this out - I’m sort of glad I’m not alone but at the same time I’m worried there is an endemic hardware issue with all of our headsets! What annoys me is that it worked so well for over two months.

The problems you described plagued me right from the start, however I managed to cope for a while by reconnecting the power to the box on the lead which generally worked - well, after a fashion. Anyway, I reported it to HP and, after lots of toing and froing they sent me a new cable which has seemed to solve the problem.


@KBtheNomad, you may just want to get a warranty replacement done, then. Might want to wait until inventory levels stabilize a bit until you do, as you wouldn’t want to be without one for too long. They really should offer pre-replacements, with a credit-card deposit if you don’t send the old one back, but if they don’t have inventory, that’s not gonna help either.

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Thanks guys. I’ll investigate a cable replacement with HP. Happy flying!

Have the same issue of blackouts, HP sent me a new cable assembly and blackouts are still occurring. I loaded the new firmware for the G2 and…still getting the blackouts… I did contact HP service today and they want me to send it in.

Uncoil your excess main cable. I had exactly the same issue until I laid out the cable in such a way it never crosses over itself. Never had the issue again.

They sent me a new cable too but I’m still having the issue.

Have my cable is stretched out, no change. I’m beginning to think it’s a problem with FS2020 because other games are running just fine with the G2

Same problem. Started from yesterday and now I have to call support from HP. This is not a software or configuration issue. It has to be an hardware one…

Still getting the rainbow sparkles after making sure that the cable did not overlap. I believe that it’s a MSFS software issue since I can use the G2 in VR for X-Plane 11.

I agree, other apps run fine with the G2.

I’ve had the rainbow sparkles issue following a black screen event while playing DCS. Have had any in months now since moving my cable…

I did move my cable off a foam mat while straightening it. Mines on carpet now. Maybe try an experiment and put something like a towel under the cable (If you have a wood or static prone floor) or drape it over some furniture. Free experiments!

Very strange issue, would be nice to find a definitive reason.

I found a thread on AVSim with people with the same issues. Screen going black and I found a solution that helped me as well as many others. If you have a Ryzen motherboard (B450 B550 etc.) the ports on the back have an issue with MSFS for some reason (its fine with other titles) you either need to use your case ports or buy a pci usb card. My case ports worked and the issue hasn’t popped up again. There must be some sort of data issue with the motherboard ports

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Hi DeadlyTitanfart,

can you please link the AVSim thread? I have the same problem and wanna get rid off it asap.

Thank you very much.
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