Peripheral Controls losing connection / initial sim startup & post landing (Solved)

Flight stick is mapped correctly, but upon Sim startup, throttle axis is “always” reversed. Takes 2-3 tries to get “reverse axis” to take hold.

Options / Controls show all peripherals working correctly in sensitivity. However, often, while taxing, peripheral control is de-linked - no response from pedals or flight stick / throttle. Re-entering Options / Controls - peripherals show working again and active. Resume taxi / flight, all working again.

Lastly - have completed 2 long C-172 flights (3-4 hrs.) each. In-flight, all controls & avionics work. Upon landing, as soon as I contact Ground ATC - peripherals stop working (de-linked). Again, Options / Controls - Sensitivity show everything connected. Resume taxi - everything works again ??

Stick = MS Sidewinder
Pedals = MFG
Mouse = MS Comfort Optical 3000
Keyboard = MS Wired 600

Graduated to the CJ4. Had used the 172 for initial trial flights. Upon loading the CJ4, all peripherals are staying connected and accurately scaled with my sensitivity settings. Not sure if issue was resolved by the recent patches, or just a fluke with the 172 ?? Anyway - happy flights now !