Peripherals checkin

As with a lot of us in here I was dismayed and baffled by the lack of default bindings for my rig. I just wanted to drop a line to particpants here thanking them for the help. Recognized peripherals with at least a partial binding set on my rig now include:

CH Throttle Quadrant
CH Fighterstick
CH Pedals
MS Sidewinder FFB2 (no FFB, I think. No surprise since I don’t think it’s a feature of the sim)
Logitech G13 numpad
TrackIR (works immediately with no additional setup)

I am a little frustrated at the seeming lack of printable reference materials to the standard bindings but I am sure the user community will address that shortly. I do hope that an update will allow for export/import/transfer of peripheral binding sets moving forward.

Most of my sim time is in Rise of Flight with a bit of time in Flying Circus and this peripheral set works well in that environment. I suppose I can crib from my bindings there when I start filling in the blanks.

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