Phantom Master Warning tone

I just finished a flight where the following happened to me twice:

  1. Constant (not a beep, but continuous) tone that sounds very much like an alert.
  2. Neither Master Warning nor Master Caution lights are illuminated.
  3. Upper ECAM display shows no alert messages.
  4. Pressing Master Caution acknowledge button does nothing.
  5. Pressing Master Warning acknowledge button stops tone.

I have no idea why I was being warned. Has anyone seen this?

It is hard to say from that brief description.
It “could” be a conflict with something in the community folder.
It sounds like you are using the A320, is it the default or a version of the mod?
Were you doing anything, climbing through clouds, icing conditions maybe?

I was at 38,000 feet, KSFO → KSEA, no clouds at that altitude. No icing messages, but the first time it happened, I turned on wing and engine anti-ice - which did not clear the tone. Was flying the A320NX FBW mod, installed using their installer, development version as of yesterday afternoon.

A mod conflict could explain it.
The A320 mod is very susceptible to that.
If it keeps happening, and you want to find out what is causing it, start by eliminating conflicts first.
If you have anything in the community folder, empty it, (or rename it, MSFS will make a new empty one) and see if it still happens.

Yeah, that all makes sense. To be honest, I didn’t expect that anyone would be able to resolve the problem - because as with many issues associated with something as complicated as FS2020, I just can’t give you any good repro steps. I did, however, want to get it out there to build an anecdotal record, at least, in case anyone else is experiencing it.

Altitude is not what is selected. your above or below by 1000’

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An interesting possibility, although I would have hoped that ATC would have warned me that I was off the assigned altitude. 1,000 feet is a deviation that I’d surely hope would trigger that?

I think it’s only about 500’, ATC wouldn’t notice this, the “Master Warning” cancels the sound.

Yes, I did.
I used the Cfbw type of the mod, and at cruise, about halfway to destination it happened.
Steady, higher pitched, but not overly loud.
Due to your post, I clicked the Master Warning (which wasn’t illuminated) and the tone silenced.

Strange thing? Didn’t affect my flight, it just had me scanning the entire panel furiously looking for something that was about to affect the stability of the aircraft. And I’ve had flights where it happened twice.

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First time for me, clear cold night flight, no clouds anywhere at 37000, so no icing.
It didn’t really sound like a normal warning.
A lot lower in volume.

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It’s good to know I’m not crazy. Well, at least not based on that data point, anyway.

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Hi there,

Discussions on modded aircraft go in the Third Party Addon Discussion section. I have moved your post there and added some tags to the post.

I’m getting the phantom tone on every ILS approach. Starts about 10 miles out and haven’t found a way to turn it off. It’s very aggravating.

Is it a repeating beep, or a steady whine?