Phantom objects appearing only when getting close

I’m just wondering if there is a setting I am missing here…I’m flying along and looking down at scenery, say a tarmac or a coastline, not way off in the distance but say a thousand meters away, and then BAM! There pops up a boat, or a series of street fixtures, or rocks along the coastline. Like right underneath me.

I fly primarily in VR so I do t know if it is unique to that setting. I see it with all the settings maxed out, and I have the fastest hardware available.

Is this just inherent to the game’s limitations?

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Built in algorithm to help save computer resources. Just like LOD. Try changing your object LOD. Remember this game is all online so data is constantly being queried which is why new stuff will load.

I see it in both 2D and VR, but certainly worse in VR.

VR is much more taxing on the system, so this is no surprise, really

Yeah it sort of mars the experience doesn’t it. I also get it in 2D.