Photo Gallery -- Nice, France β†’ Genoa, Italy -- Go Pro Edition


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Nice pics but msfs2020 have so many options to get nice angles and whatnot for super screengrabs. You choose to show the underbelly in every picture, it gets a bit boring. Why not just show the view without the underbelly or even some angled shots that give a bit more for the eyes.
Keep up the good work.

I agree with your ideas to show the game from different angles and of course it would make the photos more interesting. The reason I take the screenshots from the underbelly is because these screenshots are a byproduct of what I’m really working on. The real project is more of a geography project than a photo shoot and I determined the best angles I can have for that particular project is to have a β€œgo pro” style view from underneath the plane. What I’m really doing is capturing my flight path in photos and then going back to identify prominent regions, mountains, rivers, lakes, towns, and even neighborhoods and/or buildings - heck, even SIDS and STARS. I’m a sucker for geography. Having the underbelly view ensures that I can easily follow my path in photos without getting confused about where I am in each one so I can go back and easily find my location on a real map. The goal is knowledge. Probably sounds weird to most but it fascinates me.

Ahh now it makes totally sense. I understand.