Photogrammetry Airports

Have Asobo ever spoken about why they don’t use photogrammetry to build the airport scenery?

I’m currently sat at KMDW and it just seems weird that an airport surrounded by photogrammetry has generic buildings for its terminals.

Probably because in general Photogrammetry doesn’t look good from close up (more meant to be enjoyed from a couple of thousand feet up in the air), and you’re going to be close up to the buildings at an airport.

The answer is actually very simple - quality. If you look at the quality and resolution of the photogrammetry buildings you will see it’s way off for the close up objects. The second thing is that photogrammetry not just captures airports but also all the ground services and even the planes on the ground. There are already several photogrammetry airports, and there is a common issue for all of them - they all look “melted” and buggy.

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That… Makes sense now I read it

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