Photogrammetry and Bing World Settings

Can someone help explain in as simple terms as possible the above settings?
I think I understand that Bing World Data streams images of the area from above and photogrammetry is connected to the buildings etc…

These settings are obviously being streamed via the internet.
Do they get saved to my PC?
Is there potentially huge amounts of data being unnecessarily saved somewhere on my PC?

When i delete my cache, am i deleting the above?
Also, if i am constantly deleting my cache, should I just be leaving my rolling cache off?

If you have rolling cache on yes. And it will keep the size you set

Yes, but only the size you pick for rolling cache. Oldest data gets deleted automaticly as needed to keet the size down.


Keep rolling cache on. Set it to a size you are fine with. Like 4 GB

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You don’t need to constantly empty the rolling cache.
You just set the maximum size of the cache, and MSFS does the rest.

No, contrary to xBufferzz post, you do not need to keep the rolling cache on.
It’s purpose is to provide quicker access to scenery files of areas you have flown over.
In theory, it should be quicker to read files from the hard drive than to stream them from the net.
However, it doesn’t seem to make much (if any) difference if you have a good internet connection.
With the additional issues a rolling cache can occasionally cause, a lot of folks (me included) leave it off.
There was a huge discussion on this in here not too long ago!

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Absolutely top stuff.
Makes perfect sense now guys, really appreciate it.

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