Photogrammetry Appreciation

The fact that the resolution is high enough for individual rocks to have a 3D form is very impressive, considering this is just a random hill that most people won’t even stop to look at. You can even see graffiti on the side of a couple of the rocks. Asobo really knocked it out of the park when it comes to the scenery. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, I love that! Where is that, so others can find it?


Yes, please tell us! This is what I want to see…real life

That is amazing, it looks almost real, just slight blurring of the rocks gives it away but stunning none the less.

But where where where?

Edit: It’s Jurupa Hills\Mount Jurupa in Southern California: 34.04355942836949, -117.42242695717486

I believe it was Box Springs Reserve, which isn’t far from Flabob airport. If not, it’s in that general area.

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I presume that photogrammetry is only for cities. How can that also apply for mountains? I mean technially it’s possible, but there isn’t even data for that out in the wild.

It’s a small mountain in the middle of Southern California suburban sprawl. Correction for the above, it’s Jurupa Hills, not Box Springs Reserve. Southern California in general has a lot of high quality photogrammetry.


maybe we won’t see it but i’m sure big tech companies will give the humanity the entire 3D virtual earth model in the future.

Wish there be more