Photogrammetry City dissappearing?

Hi guys!

Right after installing FS 2020 (late 2020), propbably everyone is flying over his home town. So did I! And I was really impressed:

But what do I have to see today:

It is the same building, the Townhall of Augsburg, Germany.

Is this a bug? Or why did the perfect scenery changed to a generic one?


Did you make sure MSFS didn’t turn off Bing Data or Photogrammetry in your settings? This is a common occurance. I think the nVidia Game “Optimizer” might also do this, toom which can happen after you update your drivers. Make sure that the Game “Optimizer” is turned off for MSFS at least in the nVidia “Experience” program.


Do you have photogrammetry on? Sometimes, after updates from sim or from GPU, some things just reset. Check it, just in case.


I found the reason this gets disabled is if you loose internet connectivity, the sim will go into ‘offline mode’, it notifies you of this, but since that notification only stays on screen for a short while, it’s easy to miss.


Thanks for your quick repsonse!! Actually I would like to mark all of your answer as the solution, because all off you have been nudging me into the right direction.

First of all I was not aware that Photogrammetry can be turned off (OK, I was searching in the Graphics section…). And internet connectivity was the second hint: Connectivity is usually quite good, but I checked the data section anyways and found the Photogrammetry stuff. And, it was tuned off for some reason I don’t know! Turning it on, let’s the townload look familiar again!!

So, thank you all!


That is one reason. There are others.

Hello @CPTFLO9648 - moved this to #bugs-and-issues:scenery. I know you’d need to pick one as well, but marking this as Solved will help others searching for answers in the future. Thanks!