Photogrammetry Error

After SU6, I am getting a “your current bandwidth is too low to properly stream photogrammetry data” error box that gives an option to ignore, or turn off photogrammetry. When I ignore it, my aircraft freezes and I have to go back to the menu and restart.

  1. I have a Gigabit connection and it is definitely not too low, or unstable and I have never gotten this error before.
  2. The option to ignore doesn’t actually do anything if my plane is frozen and I have to exit.

Is this a sim issue, server issue? Is anyone else getting this?


I believe it’s the servers as I experienced it yesterday evening. However your internet connection could have had an intermittent problem as there have been problems here in the UK recently causing low transfer numbers for me,

nothing new …
been getting this since SU5 and only thing that fix it is using a decent vpn …

Maybe your ISP is throttling the servers for MSFS?

Hit escape

works fine with VPN enabled…

Same thing just happened to me. “bandwidth too low to properly stream photogrammetry.” Aircraft froze and was unrecoverable. Had to cancel the flight, wasting an hour in the process. Was stuck in like active pause or something, even though active pause itself did nothing to help in getting it unstuck. Frustrating to say the least as I was on the downwind leg…

The message itself was probably justified, but the aircraft being stuck in position isn’t…

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That would maybe suggest that your ISP is doing something as you have to use the VPN to cut through it.

Same problem,can’t stand aircraft freezes

I get the exact same error.
I have 100mb down and 20mb up. Yet it tells me to check my internet connection… :unamused:

why isn’t there an “always ignore” or “always turn off photogrammetry” box to check?
then you would only have to answer this once

Every update and especially since the Xbox release their servers get stretched for a couple of days so it’s always a good idea to set up a manual cache for such a time. Oh and all those saying they have a great connection obviously don’t realise that it goes no further than to their ISP’s local distribution centre and that’s just one of perhaps twenty hops depending on location. A much better gauge is to click on your avatar in your MSFS profile and it tells you your ping response time.

getting this annoying message every time I load a flight …

Happened to me as well ever since the update,prior never had a bandwith problem, even while on mobile internet?

Does the same for me too 1000 down 55 up. Frustrating. Microsoft servers ■■■ is going in? #refund

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So it’s not just me. I’ve been getting this for a month now.

My guess this is yet another Azure integration into MSFS. I too get this Photogrammetry Error virtually every single flight.

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