Photogrammetry is out again

It seems the photogrammetry issue is not resolved yet……Mine was working great until a few minutes ago and now I can’t get it to work …I checked the general options and everything that has been suggested on this forum

Hello @Oldmansimmer .

Can you vote here?:

Yup I was getting the same thing started up a flight and everything looked fine, then all of a sudden the old bad connection dialog, got switched off line, ran out of the cached area and no scenery. Changed to the west coast server turned bing and pg on it worked for like 20 min and the same thing.

Yeah it’s down for me too again. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better.

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Still broken.
So frustrating… again.

Time to seal up the wallet with this sim with the Marketplace dbl charging and not delivering… and now this data issue.

Certainly going to stop buying for a while at least. Perhaps this will help break the addiction anyway. So there’s always that!


My buildings seem to have come back, but now the terrain doesn’t seem to have photogrammetry on. It definitely looks different. The hiking trails looks very detailed when it’s on, and the Hollywood sign in L.A. doesn’t show up! I also get random pink spots near buildings, just a few but they definitely stand out.

Developers don’t know themselves if something works or not?


I doubt that Asobo has any direct control over the servers. This is a Microsoft problem, and the best that the developers can probably do is to escalate the issue internally to the networking group in MS.

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Yet another thing I don’t like about how the scenery is streamed. The servers can go down at any time then we’re stuck with even worse looking graphics.


Where were you flying last where PG was not loading?

It would be nice if we could have bing level graphics when in offline mode. Offline mode looks worse than either of the competitors IMHO.

Think you might need a new hard drive for that one…

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Why the scenery should only be 0’s and 1’s, it really shouldnt take up much more space then Xplane or P3D. Its not like they are storing actual pictures of the world on a machine and sending it to you, you should be getting a stream of data that gets converted once it gets to you…

Microsoft stated the scenery database was something over 3Pb at launch. It will probably be more now. You can get an 8Tb SSD for a few $100s … but you’re going to need something like 450 of them. That lot will keep you warm in the Winter for sure :grinning: Ahhh the joys of data in the clouds!

But that is literally what they’re doing… Raster satellite photos and photogrammetry takes up far more space than the landclass polys and generic textures used in other sims… But you do make a good point. Asobo included a manual cache so that we don’t have to download GBs every flight in areas like socal, but unfortunately it has been broken for months now. With the server problems they have been having, you would think that they would prioritize fixing the manual cache…

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It is working now….

Thank you

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Closed as the issue seems resolved.